Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Plan Guide

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) in Tennessee, is a requirement under the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) §603(d)(1)(E). It mandates that recipients of loans for projects involving the repair, replacement, or expansion of publicly owned treatment works must develop and implement a Fiscal Sustainability Plan. In TN, this is an AMP. Therefore, entities must develop and implement an AMP and certify that they have done so. Some utilities may have asset management programs and plans that far exceed this guide and its companion templates. Other utilities may have elements of an AMP but lack the type of comprehensive plan that meets the grant requirements. Even if your utility has a robust AMP, your utility should use this guidance to assess your current AMP for areas of potential updates.

AMPs should be treated as “living documents” that are regularly reviewed, revised, expanded, and implemented as an integral part of the operation and management of the system. At a minimum, the AMPs should include:

  • An inventory of critical assets that are part of the treatment works;
  • An evaluation of the condition and performance of inventoried assets or asset groupings;
  • A certification that the assistance recipient has evaluated and will implement water and energy conservation efforts as part of the plant; and
  • A plan to maintain, repair, and, as necessary, replace the treatment works and a plan to fund such activities

Documents Associated with the AMP Guide 

These companion Tennessee Asset Management Templates are Microsoft Excel Workbooks designed to help users assemble the minimum required data and information to begin building a comprehensive AMP. These workbooks will assist entities in identifying the criticality and potential improved needs of their drinking water, wastewater, and/or stormwater assets.

Please note that the workbooks were updated to Version 1.1 as of May 16, 2023. The updated workbooks use macros to introduce new features. If you used the Version 1 template and need assistance converting to the new versions, reach out to for support.

The State has determined that certification will be submitted to SRF before loan approval. The AMP must be completed and in place by the “Notice to Proceed” and made available for review by SRF staff upon the first interim construction inspection visit.


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