Pea Ridge WMA

Site Directions –   Ferrell Rd. Unit (main entrance) - From Smithville, head south on Short Mountain Rd. for 10.1 miles. Take a sharp right onto Pea Ridge Rd. and travel for 2.1 miles, then turn right onto Ferrell Rd. for 0.3 miles, then Ferrell Rd. will make a sharp left that you will follow for 0.9 miles where the road will split at the Pea Ridge WMA entrance sign. The pond will be to the left, and other fields and forests will be to the right.

Other specific locations and access points:

Pea Ridge Rd. Unit – The Pea Ridge Rd. Unit entrance is a left turn-off of Pea Ridge Rd. right into the field parking lot. It is located 100 yards before the right turn off of Pea Ridge Rd. onto Ferrell Rd. to go to the Ferrell Rd. Unit

Mt. Ararat Unit – The Mt. Ararat entrance is a left turn off of Pea Ridge Rd. and is located 600 yards past the intersection of Ferrell Rd. and Pea Ridge Rd.

Troy Cripps Rd. Unit – The Troy Cripps Rd. Unit is 1.9 miles past Ferrell Rd. from Pea Ridge Rd. You will turn left onto Troy Cripps Rd. and travel about 750 yards before reaching the Pea Ridge WMA boundary on your left. A little past that the boundary will be on both sides of the road.

Herman Rd. Unit – The Herman Rd. Unit is 2.9 miles past Ferrell Rd. from Pea Ridge Rd. You will turn right onto Herman Rd. and travel about 700 yards before reaching Herman Rd. Unit entrance.

Lat Long –

  • Ferrell Rd. Unit (main entrance) - 35.89889,-85.92478
  • Pea Ridge Rd. Unit – 35.89460,-85.94085
  • Mt. Ararat Unit – 35.89915,-85.94432
  • Troy Cripps Rd. Unit – 35.91968,-85.95703
  • Herman Rd. Unit – 35.93077,-85.94024

Hours: daylight hours only (excluding applicable hunting seasons and pond fishing)

Seasonality – year-round (except some WMA roads will be closed outside of hunting season)

Fees – hunting license requirements apply and high impact permits are required for hooved animal riding, bicycling, and Off-Highway Vehicle use. Off-Highway Vehicles are not permitted in fields, dirt roads/firebreaks, and are only permitted on gravel roads.

DeKalb County • 1,958 acres
Region III Office (931) 484-9571

Unauthorized entry or presence is prohibited between sunset and sunrise, except for pond fishing.

Hooved animal riding, bicycling, and Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use is permitted only by individuals possessing a valid hunting and fishing license and WMA permit or a High Impact Conservation Permit.

Motorized vehicles are not permitted behind locked gates.

OHV use is restricted to roads open to other motorized vehicle traffic.

Driving on the pond levee, pond edges, fields, or dirt roads is prohibited.  

Big Game, Small Game, and Trapping are the same as statewide seasons, except as noted.

Deer same as statewide Unit B season except closed Oct. 21-27, 2023.

Closed to Quail hunting except open to Young Sportsmen Quail Hunt Oct. 21 - 27, 2023. Bag limit 2 quail per day per hunter. Youth quail hunters must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult age 21 or older.

 Dog training - Sept. 1, 2023 - March 15, 2024. 

Site Description – Pea Ridge WMA is approximately 2,000 acres located on the DeKalb/Cannon County line. It is a rural setting and has many grassland fields, savannahs, and forested areas that are in steep terrain.

The primary wildlife management objective is to provide habitat for the Northern bobwhite, although, we also manage some fields for dove hunting. It is a beautiful landscape with a relatively rare opportunity to hear and see quail.

Many locals frequent the pond that is on Ferrell Rd. for fishing.  Hunters enjoy harvesting turkeydeersquirrelsmourning doves, etc.

Wildlife to Watch – Pea Ridge WMA provides an opportunity to see a variety of wildlife species, but the highlight is the opportunity to see and hear quail ( Northern bobwhite). You might also see other grassland birds such as Eastern meadowlarksindigo buntings, and field sparrows. Generalist species such as white-tailed deer and wild turkey thrive there as well.

Contact Information

Region 3 Office: 931-484-9571
Toll-Free:  833-402-4698
E-mail the office

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