April 22, 2020 Charter Commission Board Meeting

April 22, 2020


April 22, 2020

9:00 am


Phone Number: 425-436-6339 Access Code: 111885


I. Consent Items (Roll Call)
     A. Adoption of Agenda
     B. Approval of minutes from the Commission Organizing Meeting

II. Report Items
     A. Update on hiring Executive Directgor
     B. Introduction of contract staff
     C. Introduction of Shanell Tyler, Interim General Counsel

III. Presentations
     A. NACSA Training Powerpoint

IV. Action Item - Rules (Roll Call Vote)
First Reading
A. New Start Charter School Appeals Rule 1185-01-01-.01
     B. Charter School Renewal Application Appeals Rule 1185-01-01-.02
     C. Charter School Revocation Appeals Rule 1185-01-01-.03
     D. Public Records Rule 1185-01-02-.01

V. Action Item - Policy Consent Agenda Items (Roll Call Vote)
First Reading
     A. Charter School Appeals Policy 2.000
     B. Application Review Policy 2.100
     C. Charter School Renewal and Renewal Appeals Policy 2.200
     D. Charter Revocation and Appeals Policy 2.300

VI. Action Item - Public Records Policy Action Item
First and Final Reading
A. Public Records Policy 3.000

VII. Closing Discussion and Adjournment