Tess Stovall  Executive Director 615-532-6245   Email
Mary Elam
 Executive Assistant 615-532-6245       Email
Ashley Thomas  General Counsel 615-289-5367 Email
Hayden Pendergrass  Director of External Affairs 615-924-2409 Email
Melanie Harrell  Director of Finance and Operations 615-970-0335 Email
DreJean Cummings Manager of Strategic Initiatives 615-393-0242 Email
Lawrence Walker Data and Operations Manager 629-395-6537 Email
Gomer Pascual Fiscal Programs Manager 615-532-9514 Email
Beth Figueroa Director of Authorizing 615-477-3015 Email
Maggie Lund Deputy Director of Authorizing 615-664-9956 Email
Katie Bridges Exceptional Education Coordinator 615-879-3232 Email
Pamela Kimbrough Reporting and Compliance Specialist 615-979-2786 Email
Trent Carlson Authorizing Coordinator 615-664-8056 Email
Nate Parker Director of School Programs and Supports 615-574-5051 Email
Claire Seguin Federal Programs Coordinator 615-691-3278 Email
Rebecca Ledebuhr Data and Accountability Coordinator 615-691-0078 Email
Sophie Binenfeld Student Data Analyst 615-782-1690 Email
Noelle Farley Grants Coordinator 615-961-8410 Email
John Bowyer English Learner Program Coordinator 629-259-4463 Email

A copy of the Commission's organizational chart is available here.