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U.S. Department of Education: Tennessee Monitoring Report (Spring 2021)


Public notice for Tennessee’s IDEA state application

Pursuant to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requirements and 20 U.S.C. § 1412(a), the IDEA Part B state application will be posted for public review for 60 days. Therefore, this application is submitted in draft form for the public comment period which shall remain open from March 22, 2024-April 20, 2024. The draft will remain posted from March 22, 2024-May 22, 2024. Public comments will be accepted for 30 calendar days.

Written comments will be accepted by the Tennessee Department of Education and may be submitted by:Responding to the electronic survey

Emailing comments and questions to 

Mailing comments and questions to:

Tennessee Department of Education IDEA Part B State Application-

ATTN: Dr. Jennifer JordanAndrew Johnson Tower, 9th floor

710 James Robertson Pkwy

Nashville, TN 37243