Accelerating TN ESSER Steering Committee

The statewide Accelerating TN ESSER Steering Committee is a group of 21 stakeholder members regularly convening with clear objectives to share information, discuss efforts to accelerate student learning after the pandemic, identify helpful opportunities and partnerships to support students, and provide additional avenues for public reporting and transparency on the historic amounts of federal COVID-19 relief funding for continued statewide student growth and achievement. 

In response to the global COVID-19 health pandemic, the U.S. Congress passed landmark legislation to provide a historic influx of federal funding to states. Between four major sources of federal relief and stimulus funding including ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief),Tennessee will benefit from almost $4.2 billion for K-12 education to be spent between spring 2020 and fall 2024.   

Because ESSER funding requires extensive progress monitoring and data reporting on student outcomes, Tennessee school districts, educators, partners and families will all have information and tools they need to determine what is moving the needle for student growth and greater opportunity.  

As a collective of key statewide stakeholders, the Accelerating Tennessee ESSER Steering Committee will support both the opportunity and responsibility districts have to make key investments for positive statewide trajectory. This group will participate in a public dialogue that includes a spending to date (both state and district levels), discussion of outcomes related to that spending, and reflections of the roles each individual party can take to move the work forward in their respective spaces. The Committee will convene quarterly, and members are expected to attend and engage in meetings with prereading, input, and active consideration to best engage in district analysis and statewide review. 

Committee Reports and Resources