What’s Your Risk of Substance Abuse?

The goal of the Office of Prevention Services is to reduce risk factors for substance misuse and abuse and increase protective factors against substance misuse and abuse for all Tennesseans. Risk factors increase an individual’s risk for a substance abuse disorder and protective factors decrease an individual’s risk for a substance abuse disorder. Tennessee’s prevention initiatives address the risk and protective factors that have the most impact, and the greatest potential for change.

Below are  some commonly known risk and protective factors.

Protective Factors that reduce the likelihood of abuse:

  • Strong, positive bonds with family
  • Family members or caregivers who monitor activities and friends/peers
  • Rules of conduct clear and consistently enforced and reinforced
  • Parental involvement
  • School success
  • Strong, positive bonds with institutions

Negative Risk Factors that increase the chances of abuse:

  • Chaotic home environment
  • Ineffective parenting
  • Lack of parent-child attachment
  • Inappropriately shy
  • Aggressive classroom behavior
  • Academic failure
  • Poor social coping skills

It is the goal of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse 'Office of Prevention Services' to help Tennesseans reduce the risk factors that might make an individual more likely of misusing and abusing harmful drugs, alcohol, and other substances.

For help and resources to combat addiction, refer to our Treatment & Recovery section.