IPS Supported Employment


Work can be a big boost to a person’s recovery.  Not only does a job help pay the bills, it can also provide a person with a sense of pride and belonging. Having a job adds structure to daily life, increases social contacts and support, and enhances opportunities for personal achievement. 

In partnership with the Department of Human Services - Vocational Rehabilitation and our network of community providers, TDMHSAS offers services in the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment model.  People receive assistance in obtaining employment, and once employed, supports are provided to assist in maintaining the job.  This program is provided in 52 counties across Tennessee, 35 of which are in rural areas of the state, and 17 in urban areas.  There are 16 IPS supported employment providers, 14 of which partner with DHS/VR to deliver IPS services.  Through this program, people have obtained a variety of jobs from nursing, lifeguards, to warehouse workers.

In fiscal year 2023, IPS Supported Employment teams served 1,298 people, 151 of which were transition-aged youth.  Fifty percent of those supported found a job and 47 percent of those who began working, did so for 90 days or more.  One of the goals of the TN IPS Community is to expand the availability of this service to all 95 counties in Tennessee.

The interactive map below shows counties served and provider locations.

How IPS Supported Employment Works for People