Tennessee REDLINE

The Tennessee REDLINE is the 24/7/365 resource for substance misuse treatment referrals.  Anyone can call or text 800-889-9789 for confidential referrals.

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Since 1989, the Tennessee REDLINE has served as a referral service to addiction treatment for people and their families looking for help for substance use disorder.  The service is provided by the Tennessee Association for Alcohol, Drug and other Addiction Services (TAADAS) though a contract with the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS).

The text message capability on the Tennessee REDLINE allows staff to make referrals via text or to follow up phone call referrals with texted information.  It also gives people an opportunity to interact and obtain information at their own pace rather than spending a period of time engaged in a call.  All conversations and referrals via text message or voice call are completely confidential.

In state fiscal year 2019 (ending June 30, 2019), more than 13,000 callers reached out to the Tennessee REDLINE for help.  Calltakers are able to make referrals for callers from across the state.