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Criminal Justice Services

The TDMHSAS Office of Criminal Justice serves the needs of people involved in court cases who struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues. A variety of resources are available to help individuals access treatment and recovery services. Programs are at low or no cost.

The Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Liaison Program is available to Individuals with serious mental illness and substance abuse issues who are incarcerated or who are at risk of being incarcerated. 

Drug or Recovery Courts in Tennessee offer treatment and recovery services in place of a jail sentence for non-violent offenders. 

The Driving Under the Influence (DUI) School, offered throughout Tennessee, is available to those charged with DUI as a treatment option to decrease dependency on alcohol and drugs. 

In partnership with the Department of Correction, former offenders on parole who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues and risking probation/parole violations can obtain outpatient services and supervised treatment

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment is available to those convicted of DUI and ordered by the court into treatment. Residential and outpatient treatment costs are covered for those unable to pay. 

Supervised probation offender treatment pays for court-ordered alcohol and drug treatment on a residential rehabilitation, halfway house, and outpatient basis.