Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Campus Community

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Campus Community, (CHASCo) addresses alcohol, drug, and violence prevention issues on Tennessee’s campuses by providing high-quality consultation and training, technical assistance, research support, and policy development to member institutions.

Who is part of the coalition?

A collection of higher education professionals who address alcohol and other drug issues on various public and private college and university campuses in Tennessee. 

In collaboration with public and private higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies, CHASCo offers:

  • works to decrease underage and high-risk drinking across Tennessee
  • provides support for collaborative efforts
  • access to resources, technical assistance, support, and an active email distribution list

Participation requirements:  

Must be a public or private higher education institution

Learn more by visiting the Prevention Services Directory and the Coalition for a Safe Campus at CHASCo.