Support Local Dairies, Look for New Tennessee Milk Logo

Wednesday, September 05, 2018 | 12:20pm
Tennessee Milk

NASHVILLE – Consumers now have a way to know that their milk comes from Tennessee dairy farms with the new official Tennessee Milk logo. 

Milk labeled as Tennessee Milk must be entirely sourced, processed, and bottled in Tennessee. The program is administered by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA). 

“This logo allows consumers the opportunity to support Tennessee dairy farmers, who are facing challenging times right now,” Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton said. “We appreciate the Tennessee Dairy Producers Association for supporting the enabling legislation, assisting TDA on the development of the logo, and promoting the program to producers and processors.” 

Sunrise Dairy in Crossville and the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Creamery are currently using the Tennessee Milk logo. Weigel’s, Hatcher Family Dairy, and G & G Family Dairy will soon follow. 

“Milk has been an important part of our heritage for over 85 years,” Weigel’s chairman Bill Weigel said. “This new milk logo represents the pride and dedication of our Tennessee farmers. Weigel’s is proud to announce that it will only process and distribute milk from East Tennessee dairy farms.” 

The 110th General Assembly passed legislation enacting the Tennessee Milk logo. Sen. Frank Niceley and Rep. David Hawk sponsored the bill. TDA will continue working with processors to increase Tennessee Milk participation, giving consumers a broader opportunity to support local farmers. 

“Middle Tennessee State University is proud to be one of the first producer/processors to participate in the new Tennessee Milk program,” MTSU Director and Professor of Animal Science Dr. Jessica Carter said. “Being part of this program will allow us to brand our milk as a locally-produced product and enable consumers to confidently purchase dairy products from Tennessee farmers. Our freshly bottled MTSU milk will proudly display the new Tennessee Milk logo to help promote Tennessee’s dairy industry.” 

“We believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to support the dairy industry, which is a vital part of our agricultural economy,” Commissioner Templeton said. “We encourage consumers to look for and ask for locally produced milk at their local store. Every little bit helps.” 

Tennessee has 230 dairy farms and approximately 33,500 dairy cows, goats, and sheep. For more information about the Tennessee Milk logo, contact Danny Sutton at or 615 837-5534.