Tobacco Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions

A person engaged in the sale or distribution of tobacco, smoking hemp, or vapor products shall demand proof of age from a prospective purchaser or recipient if an ordinary person would conclude on the basis of appearance that the prospective purchaser or recipient may be under thirty (30) years of age.

Clerks under the age of 21 are allowed to sell tobacco products provided the person is:

(1) Working in the course of employment; provided, and
(2) That the person is under the supervision of another employee who is at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Please see the required sign: Tobacco Sign Requirement 08122020.pdf (

This sign is required post conspicuously and keep so posted at the place of business a sign, no smaller than ninety-three and one-half (93 ½) square inches, to ensure that it is likely to be read at each point of sale.

If you would like a sign/signs mailed to you please email your request to:

No, currently the state of Tennessee does not require or offer a license/permit in order to sell tobacco products. We encourage you as a business owner to contact the FDA, and Tennessee Department of Revenue to make sure you are following their requirements.  

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture does not regulate the minimum price of each tobacco product. Please contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

All smoking paraphernalia shall be maintained behind the counter of a retail establishment in an area inaccessible to a customer or in a locked display case that makes the products unavailable to a customer without the assistance of an employee.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture does not regulate the manufacturing of tobacco product. Please contact the FDA and the Tennessee Department of Revenue for further guidance.