Along the Tennessee-North Carolina state line north of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Cherokee WMA Nonquota Big Game permit (Type 095, Type 167 or Type 094) or Sportsman License is required to hunt the nonquota big game hunts. Some roads normally open to public travel may be closed from Dec. 15–March 31.

Shooting ranges - Open daylight hours only See for details..

Safety Zone - On the Cherokee WMA, hunting or discharging a firearm is prohibited within 150 yards of a developed recreation area, campsite, residence, building, occupied area, across or on a National Forest system road. Contact the appropriate U.S. Forest Service office for more information.

Horseback riding - Horseback riding on properties owned by the U.S. Forest Service shall be the same as U.S. Forest Service regulations. Contact the U.S. Forest Service (423-476-9700). On those properties owned or leased by the TWRA, horseback riding is only allowed upon roads opened for vehicle travel. No riding off road into openings, fields, trails or through streams.

Dog Training - Dog training prohibited unless otherwise specified. The use or possession of any electronic tracking devices from March 1 - Aug. 15 is illegal.

On property owned or leased by the TWRA, ATV and OHV operation is prohibited.

Only pointing breed dogs are permitted in the bear reserve one day before and during bear hunts that allow the use of dogs. During bear hunts that do not allow the use of hounds, small game hunters in the bear reserves are limited to 2 dogs per vehicle.

Wild hogs may be taken on any big game hunt with the methods/firearms legal for that hunt, except wild hogs may not be taken in the bear reserves during bear season.


Dove, Grouse, Quail, Rabbit, Snipe, Squirrel, Trapping - Same as statewide seasons, except as noted.

Quail - Nov. 4 - Jan. 15.

Small game hunters (except raccoon and opossum hunters between sunset and sunrise) must wear 500 square inches of blaze orange during big game muzzleloader and gun hunts.

Beaver and coyote may be taken on any hunt with weapon legal for that hunt.

Groundhog, fox and skunk may be taken on any small game hunt with weapon legal for that hunt. Fox closed in Washington County.

Bobcat may be taken on any scheduled big game or small game hunt that coincides with the statewide bobcat season with methods/firearms legal for the scheduled hunt. No dogs allowed.

Spring squirrel season is closed.

Deer - Dates are same as statewide season. Antlered bag limit is 2 and counts toward statewide bag limit.

Deer (Archery) - Bag limit of 4 antlerless (counts toward statewide bag limit).

Deer (Muzzleloader) - Bag limit of 1 antlerless (counts toward statewide bag limit).

Deer (Gun - Young Sportsman) - Bag limit of 2 antlerless (counts toward statewide bag limit).

Deer (Gun) - Closed to antlerless hunting.

Turkey - Same as statewide season.

Opossum, Raccoon - Oct. 6 - last day in February. Season closed Oct. 6 - 20, Oct. 27 - 29, Nov. 5 - 13, Nov. 17 - 21, Nov. 26 - Dec. 13, 2023 in all bear reserves.

Bear - Same as statewide season, except closed Sept. 23 - 29 and Oct. 3 - 6. Closed to the restrictive bear hunt in the Kettlefoot and Laurel Fork Bear Reserves.

Bear Dog Training Season - Sept. 5 - 30. No bears may be harvested. No weapons may be possessed. No training in bear reserves.

Camping - please refer to US Forest Service district offices.


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Notes: During daylight hours in deer gun and muzzleloader seasons, all users outside of an enclosed vehicle or outside of camp must wear, on the upper portion of their body and head, a minimum of 500 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange, visible front and back. 

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