Foothills WMA

Site Directions:

Lat:  35 36.766 Long: 084 02.216 W

Blount County,  11,000 ACRES

Motorized vehicles and horseback riding are prohibited.

The use of and/or possession of any tracking device for dogs from March 1 to Aug. 25 is not permitted.

Blaze orange is required by small game hunters during big game muzzleloader and gun hunts (excluding spring turkey).

Big game, small game, and trapping are the same as statewide seasons, except as noted.

Deer - Dates are the same as statewide season. Bag limit of 2 antlered deer (count toward statewide limit).

Closed to all antlerless hunting except during the Young Sportsman deer hunt.

Closed to hunting March 1st through 4th Friday in Aug., except for spring turkey.

Closed to quail hunting and dog training.

Opossum - Raccoon - Jan. 1 - Feb. 29, 2024

Wild hogs may be taken during any hunt with legal hunt devices for that hunt.

Site Description: The Foothills WMA has 10,000 acres of wildlife management area with attractions including bear, antlerless deer, and turkey hunting.

Parts of the WMA include the Chilhowee lake reservoir. 

Currently, there is a shortleaf pine and oak mix savanna restoration occurring. Current research being conducted along with the University of Tennessee includes burning shortleaf pine stands, to study fire return interval, intensity, and timing of the year.

Foothills WMA is part of The Foothills Conservation Opportunity Area

Contact Information

Matt Jellicorse: 423-587-7037
Toll-Free: 1-800-332-0900
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