Top Five Reasons to Duck Hunt in Tennessee

Monday, July 20, 2020 | 01:36pm

Top Five Reasons to Duck Hunt in Tennessee

1. Mississippi Flyway- Hunt one of the best waterfowl flyways during the peak of waterfowl migration.

2. Duck Hunting Is for Everyone- Duck hunting is a sport that any family member can enjoy. Pit and blind hunting provide the perfect opportunity to introduce a youth to the sport. They can enjoy a hunt in warmth and with plenty of food from those camp stoves.

3. WMA Blinds Open To New Computer Drawing- Enter Tennessee’s new computerized Wildlife Management Area duck blind drawing. Enter for your chance to be drawn for a season-long duck hunt on one of several top waterfowl WMAs.

4. Hunt A Variety Of Habitats – Tennessee offers a wide variety of waterfowl hunting opportunities. From the Mississippi River to flooded crop fields. Looking for some timber? Then Tennessee has Reelfoot Lake and many Wildlife Management Areas that offer standing flooded timber duck hunting.

5. Variety of Duck Species– Hunting the Mississippi flyway gives you the chance to kill any of a waterfowler’s top 10 species.