Hunting Permits (Resident and Non-Resident)

  • WMA Permits
  • Migratory Bird Permit
  • Federal Refuges
  • Wildlife Management Area Permits

    Everyone who hunts on a Wildlife Management Area is required to have a WMA permit except the holder of a Lifetime Sportsman License, Annual Sportsman License, Annual Senior Citizen Permit (Type 167), and youths under age 16 hunting small game and waterfowl. The youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult with a valid WMA permit. Youths under age 6 may not hunt big game on a WMA. All ages nee d a Type 094 permit for county non-quota hunts.

    Type Description Cost
    091 WMA Small Game and Waterfowl $62.00
    092 1-Day Small Game and Waterfowl $12.50
    093 WMA Small Game Only $21.00
    094 Special Season/WMA Nonquota Big Game

    Required for residents and non-residents to hunt the statewide antlerless deer gun season, unit L antlerless private lands hunt and WMA nonquota big game hunts, including Cherokee. 

    095 Cherokee WMA Big Game Nonquota
    Valid only for Cherokee WMA non-quota big game hunts.


  • Migratory Bird Permit

    Resident and nonresident hunters must possess a Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit to hunt waterfowl and other migratory birds. Available anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold. The following do not need this permit:

    • Landowners hunting on their own land
    • Disabled veterans
    • Tennessee residents 65 years of age or older
    • Tennessee residents under 13 years of age
    • Lifetime Sportsman license holders
    Type Description Cost
    006 Migratory Bird Permit $2.00
    007 Migratory Bird Permit
    available only to Sportsman License holders
    No Fee


  • Federal Refuges

    Type Description Cost
    064 This permit is required for Cross Creeks and Tennessee National Refuge for all hunters including Lifetime and Annual Sportsman license holders.  $15.00