State Route 6 / US 43 Horse and Buggy Path

Lawrence County
new lawrenceburg buggy path

A traffic signal and multi-directional horse and buggy path will be constructed along US 43/SR 6 in Lawrence County. The two-lane path will connect travelers from US 43/SR 6 to Remke Lane to Mattoxtown Road which will then give them assess to Springer Street and other local, less trafficked roads.

SR 6 is a highly trafficked roadway connecting Ethridge and Lawrenceburg. Nearby Amish communities often use the road to get to and from Lawrenceburg. A wide shoulder gives horse and buggies the space they need to stay out of the lanes of travel. However, the shoulder narrows and disappears near Good Hope Road forcing buggies onto the roadway. As a result, several serious and even deadly crashes have occurred. A dedicated horse and buggy path will allow those on horse and buggy to safely travel SR 6 the entire way into Lawrenceburg.

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Estimated construction start: 2022

Estimated completion*: Summer 2023

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History and Background

The project consists of traffic signals at Good Hope Road and SR 6 and Remke Lane and SR 6 and the construction of a 14-foot-wide, two-directional horse and buggy path from Good Hope Road to Remke Lane (1.04 miles).

The path will be constructed on the west side of SR 6 and will connect travelers from US 43/SR 6 to Remke Lane. A locally constructed road will connect Remke Lane to Mattoxtown Road, which will then give travelers access to Springer St. and other local, less trafficked roads.


Key Project Milestones

Construction Contract Awarded in April 2022.


Project Contacts

Community Relations Officer:

Rebekah Hammonds;

Project Manager

Michael Norris

*Subject to change