February 10, 2023 SBE Meeting

February 10, 2023


February 10, 2023

9:00 am


In-Person: Tennessee Board of Regents Office 1 Bridgestone Park Nashville TN 37214 Livestreaming: https://youtu.be/u6Wv5Z0DSGA


I.             Consent Items

               A.            Adoption of Agenda

               B.            Minutes from October 28, 2022 Meeting and December 8, 
                              2022 Special Called Meeting

               C.            Licensure Discipline Settlement Approvals    
                              An item to approve settlements on several licensure
                              actions as recommended by State Board attorneys.

 II.          Report Items

               A.           Member Reports   
                              State Board members will report on various engagement
                              activities that occurred since the last quarterly board meeting.

 III.         Action Items (First Reading)

               A.          Approved High School Course Policy 3.205      
                             First reading of item to update the Approved High School Courses Policy to ensure alignment with current courses                                               offerings.

               B.          Educator Licensure Policy 5.502   
                             First reading of item to revise the Educator Licensure Policy 5.502 to create a no-cost option educators to obtain a                                                 computer science endorsement through a TDOE-provided endorsement pathway.

               C.          Graduation Substitutions Policy 3.103     
                             First reading of item to create a new Graduation Substitutions Policy to identify courses that may be substituted for certain                               graduation credit requirements.

               D.          Authorizer Evaluation Policy 6.113      
                             First reading of item to make necessary changes in response to the conclusion of the first full cycle of evaluations.

               E.           Authorizer Evaluation Rule 0520-14-01-.08     
                             First reading of item to make necessary changes in response to the conclusion of the first full cycle of evaluations.

               F.           Quality Charter Authorizing Standards Policy 6.111    
                             First reading of item to reorganize and update the evaluation standards in response to the conclusion of the first full cycle                                 of evaluations.

IV.          Action Items (Final Reading)

                A.         Computer Science Standards Framework for Grades K-12   
                             Final reading of item to propose new Computer Science standards for grades K-12 pursuant to Public Chapter 979 of the                                   2022 legislative session.  There have been no changes to this item since first reading.

                B.         Career and Technical Education- Coordination & Supervision of Student Work-Based Learning Experience Rule 0520-01-07-.04                                       Final reading of item to update the Career and Technical Education rule to align credit requirements for work-based                                             learning courses with Public Chapter 946 of the 2022 legislative session.  There have been changes to this item since first                                   reading.

                C.          High School Policy 2.103    
                              Final reading of item to revise multiple sections of the High School Policy.  Revisions include updates to graduation                                                requirements to align with the Graduation Requirements Rule, students’ high school plan of study, and work-based                                              learning credit requirements.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                D.         Standards for School Administered Child Care Programs – Health & Safety Rule 0520-12-01-.10                                                                                              Final reading of item to align requirements for child abuse coordinators with Public Chapter 781 which clarified notifying                                   the Department of Children Services of child abuse.  There have been minor changes to this item since first reading.

                E.         District and School Operations - Assessment Materials Review Rule 0520-01-02-.32      
                             Final reading of item to create a new Assessment Materials Review rule pursuant to Public Chapter 1036 of the 2022                                           legislative session.  This rule outlines the requirements for a member of the Tennessee General Assembly to request and                                   review testing materials from LEAs and the Department of Education.  There have been minor changes to this item since                                   first reading.

                F.          Literacy and Specialty Area Standards for Educator Preparation Policy 5.505   
                             Final reading of item to update the literacy standards for educator and instructional leader preparation programs to                                           include effective criteria for instructing students with characteristics of dyslexia.  There have been changes to this item                                         since first reading.

                G.         Educator Licensure Rule 0520-02-03-.03 through -.05   
                             Final reading of item to create additional flexibility related to obtaining and maintaining an educator license, to align with                                   Public Chapter 1141 of the 2022 legislative session by creating a new pathway to the Practitioner Occupational License,                                       and to improve clarity and address omissions throughout.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                H.         Middle Grades Policy 2.102     
                             Final reading of item to further develop the High School and Beyond Plan based on stakeholder feedback and to articulate                               ways in which districts can partner with industry leaders.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                I.           Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy 5.105    
                             Final reading of item to modify assessment requirements for educators completing preparation programs with a job-                                         embedded clinical practice and to improve clarity and address omissions throughout.  There have been changes to this                                     item since first reading.

                J.           Board Meetings Policy 1.400    
                             Final reading of item to improve clarity around agenda adoption and development, distribution of materials, reading                                           requirements, and Rulemaking hearings.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                K.         Category II and III Private School Accrediting Agencies Policy 3.500       
                             Final reading of item to create a new policy setting forth the list of agencies approved by the State Board to accredit                                             Category II and III private schools in Tennessee.   There have been no changes to this item since first reading.

                L.          Charter School Authorizer Evaluation 2022 Outcomes    
                             First and final reading of to approve the results of the 2022 charter authorizer evaluation for the Achievement School
                             District, Metro Nashville Public Schools, and the TN Public Charter School Commission

                M.         Accountability System Revisions    
                              First and final reading of proposed revisions to the Tennessee Accountability system in response to monitoring findings
                              received from the U.S. Department of Education. 

                N.          Educator Preparation Providers (EPP)/Specialty Area Program Approvals (SAP) Approvals    
                              First and final reading of item to recommend EPPs and SAPs for approval after comprehensive review. Item includes                                            approval recommendations for Christian Brothers University, University of Memphis, King University, and Tusculum                                            University.

V.            Department of Human Services Licensure Actions  

                A.          Department of Human Services (DHS) Automatic Suspension

VI.           Automatic Teacher License Actions

                A.           Automatic Teacher License Actions – Revocation & Permanent Revocation

VII.          Teacher License Discipline Actions

                 A.          Lindsey Lee Smith Bell – Formal Reprimand

                 B.          Dorcea Shantell Brown – Formal Reprimand

                 C.          Cameron Cagle – Voluntary Surrender

                 D.         Cassandra Claycomb – Suspension, Concurrent with New Jersey

                 E.          Brandy Condron – Formal Reprimand

                  F.           Isaac Fields – Suspension, Two (2) Years with Proof of Treatment

                 G.          Gayla Gray Grise – Suspension, Concurrent with Probation, with Professional Development

                 H.          Terri Hale – Suspension, One (1) Year

                  I.           Andrew Jonathon Magee – Suspension, Three (3) Months

                  J.           Tracy Shaw - Restoration

                 K.           Devin Dwight Thomas – Voluntary Surrender   

                 L.           Todd Vinson – Suspension, Three (3) Months with Professional Development

VIII.         Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) Rule Recommendation Chapter 0520-12-05   
                 Following discussion with the Department of Education, the Board will vote on a positive, neutral, or negative recommendation                       on revisions to the following Department’s TISA rules: 

                 A.          Chapter Definitions Rule 0520-12-05-.02

                 B.          Outcome Bonuses Rule 0520-12-05-.06

IX.            Election of Board Officers

X.             Adjournment