TANF In Action

TANF In Action
Get to Know Who is Eligible for Services Through our Partners

TDHS currently administers the TANF program in several ways utilizing critical state and community partners.

1. Families First: Families First provides families with cash assistance, transportation, child care assistance, educational resources, job training and employment activities, and other support and transitional services. TDHS is exploring policy opportunities to expand Families First’s impact, while also modernizing systems and processes to create a seamless customer experience.

  • Families First Partners: TDHS partners with profit and non-profit organizations to provide families with resources     such as short-term counseling, employment and education assistance, mentoring, and other supportive services.

2. Community Intermediaries: TDHS partners with community-based organizations to provide a variety of programs for low-income or TANF-eligible families, for example through 2-Gen grants.

  • 2Gen Partners: TDHS supports community partners through its nationally recognized Two Generation (2Gen)     program, funding non-profit agencies statewide to move families toward educational success and economic security.     TDHS has invested more than $225M and expanded services to 95 counties in Tennessee since the launch of the 2Gen     program.
2Gen Program Map

3. State Agency Partnerships: TDHS partners with other state agencies to fund programs for low-income or TANF-eligible families, allowing the state to expand the reach of TANF to Tennesseans. Current state agency partners include the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development, the Tennessee Department of Health, and the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.