Meet the Team

Jennifer Tribble, Ph.D.


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Phone: 615-210-7139

Jennifer Tribble is the Director of the Office of Policy and Planning. In this role, Jenn coordinates Office activities including overseeing TDEC’s Title VI and Environmental Justice program, engaging with TDEC Divisions and external stakeholders on environmental policy issues, supporting Department strategic planning efforts, and coordinating special projects. Jenn holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a dissertation focused on the effects of stress on the brain. Jenn also holds a BS in Chemistry and a BS in Microbiology from the University of Texas. Prior to joining TDEC, Jenn worked broadly on science policy and science communication at Duke University. Jenn lives in Nashville and spends her free time exploring new recipes and new places.

Emily Leonard

Senior Policy Analyst

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Emily Leonard is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Office of Policy and Planning, where she assists TDEC divisions with conservation policy research and analysis, process and operations development, project reports and evaluations, and stakeholder and public engagement. Emily possesses a Master of Public Policy and Management from Australia’s University of Melbourne and a BA in Philosophy with a concentration in Biomedical Ethics from the University of California, San Diego.  Prior to pursuing her career in policy, Emily served 6 years on active duty in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear reactor operator. Before joining TDEC, Emily worked in USDA at the state level for Tennessee’s Natural Resource Conservation Service and at the national level for Rural Development. Emily has an array of experience in agricultural and conservation policy research and analysis, program planning and implementation, and crisis management.  Emily lives in Nashville. She is a Pilates enthusiast who also loves gardening, cooking, and enjoying Nashville’s music scene.

Rachael Maitland

Senior Policy Analyst

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Phone: 423-836-8925

    - Environmental Policy
    - PFAS
    - Title VI

Rachael Maitland is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Office of Policy and Planning, where she supports various TDEC divisions by conducting environmental policy research and analysis, facilitating strategic planning, and serving as the Title VI Coordinator. Rachael earned a Master of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University, and BS in Environmental Studies and Psychology from Emory University in Atlanta. Rachael has broad experience in environmental policy, conservation, community and urban planning, research, and project management from her time working at TDOT’s Office of Community Transportation, The Land Trust for Tennessee, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Rachael lives in Chattanooga, where she enjoys gardening, crafting, biking, and anything outside.