TDEC PFAS Statewide Sampling Effort

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is currently undertaking a statewide effort to sample for 29 different PFAS in raw, untreated water sources that supply public drinking water systems. 

This initial assessment will help TDEC determine the potential presence and concentration of PFAS compounds in source waters throughout the state. Should detections of PFAS occur in raw source water, TDEC will notify the public water system and encourage additional testing of their finished drinking water. TDEC staff may sample finished drinking water on a case-by-case basis, using the following factors, at minimum, to determine future sampling: 

  1. Detection in the raw, untreated source water.
    2. Sampling conducted by the public water system of the finished drinking water.
    3. Level of PFAS detected in TDEC's initial sampling event.
    4. TDEC's understanding of the current PFAS science.
    5. Availability of resources, including TDEC staff and funding. 
    6. EPA-published research, health advisory levels, future regulation, and guidance. 

In addition to understanding potential presence of PFAS in Tennessee, the results of this effort will help TDEC and the regulated community understand if the department and public water systems should take action to reduce human exposure to PFAS via drinking water. Sample collection is being conducted by TDEC Division of Water Resources (DWR) staff located in TDEC’s eight environmental field offices across the state. 

Our Interactive Dashboard for the PFAS Sampling Effort (last updated 1/20/2024) shows the status and results of PFAS testing in untreated, source water that supplies public drinking water systems. The dashboard displays the test results for all 29 PFAS being sampled for, including the 6 PFAS that EPA has proposed Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for the finished (i.e., treated) drinking water: PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS, HFPO-DA, PFBS, and
PFNA. Additionally, the sample results can be accessed via an Excel spreadsheet here: View TDEC's Sampling Data for all 29 PFAS (last updated 1/20/2024). At the conclusion of the assessment, TDEC will publish a report summarizing all data and results on this page.

PFAS Sampling Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard for TDEC's PFAS Sampling Effort