About the Tennessee Volunteer Emission Reduction Strategy (TVERS)

Phase I: Planning (current)

During the first phase of TVERS, TDEC is developing statewide action plans that prioritize actions to reduce GHG emissions and harmful air pollution. These plans are being developed in consultation with relevant stakeholder groups, including state agencies, local governments, private industry, nonprofit organizations, and the public. The key deliverables to be developed in this phase include: 

  • Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP, submitted to EPA March 2024): focused on near-term, high-priority, implementation-ready measures to reduce GHG pollution and an analysis of GHG emissions reductions that would be achieved through implementation. TDEC has also developed a PCAP Summary Report
  • Comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CCAP, due to EPA fall 2025): a comprehensive plan that will identify significant GHG sources/sinks and sectors present in the state, establish near-term and long-term GHG emission reduction goals, and provide strategies and identify measures to achieve those goals. 

More information is available in TDEC's approved work plan or our informational flyer about the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program. 

Phase II: Implementation

Phase II will focus on implementing emissions reduction measures or initiatives outlined in the Priority Climate Action Plan. Implementation grants will be awarded by EPA through a competitive process to governmental entities included in or covered by a plan developed in Phase I. Please note that TDEC will not be providing grants through this opportunity. EPA published a Notice of Funding Opportunity on their website; the deadline to apply is April 1, 2024. More information on the implementation funding, including application information, deadlines, and trainings is available on EPA's CPRG Implementation Grants webpage