Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review

The DIDD Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Program coordinates the federally mandated Level II PASRR person-centered evaluations for individuals requesting admission to, or currently residing in, a Medicaid-certified nursing facility (NF) in the State of Tennessee. DIDD oversees PASRR person-centered evaluations for persons with mental illness (MI), intellectual disabilities (ID) and related conditions (RC), in accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA).  This legislation requires all applicants seeking Medicaid-certified nursing facility (NF) admission, to be screened for serious mental illness (SMI), intellectual disabilities (ID) or related conditions (RC) .  This screening is required of all persons a NF admits, regardless of method of payment. 

The DIDD PASRR Level II person-centered assessment evaluates whether an individual’s needs can be met in a nursing home.  If his/her needs can be met in a nursing home, then appropriate recommendations are made to ensure the nursing facility (NF) provides the required level of care.  If the nursing home cannot meet the person’s needs and/or provide for the person’s individualized services, supports or level of care due to mental illness (MI), intellectual disability (ID) or related condition (RC), then a DIDD PASRR Level II determination is made for the provision or arrangement of alternative types of specialized care that will meet the person’s recommended Level II needs.