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Information for Parents

TEIS helps families with children with disabilities or developmental delays connect to the support and services they need.  When a child is determined eligible, the family may decide to participate.  At that point, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) team meeting will be held to determine the services and support that will help the child reach their optimal development.


A child is eligible for TEIS services based on information from the child’s doctor, as well as the results of a developmental evaluation.  In Tennessee, a child with a diagnosis from the list below, who meets the prematurity guidelines outlined below, or children who meet the evaluation criteria may be eligible.  A child’s evaluation must show a 25% delay in two developmental areas or a 40% delay in one area.

Costs for early intervention

In Tennessee, services are provided at no cost to families.  The program is supported through state and federal funds, Medicaid, and private insurance.  If your child is eligible for early intervention, one or more of these resources will be used to pay for your child’s services.

Eligibility evaluations and coordination of services are provided at no cost.  If services are recommended, then the service coordinator will discuss consent to access the child’s insurance with the family.