Below is information regarding training requirements. It is our vision to support all Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live fulfilling and rewarding lives. Training opportunities for providers, families, advocates and persons served support that vision. 

Q: How do I log in?
A: Tennessee has several web addresses. Check with your training administrator to get the URL, log in ID, and Password. You should have gotten this from your training administrator when your agency went live on the new system.

Q: Can I self-enroll in courses?
A: Yes, there is a tab called find courses. There is a search engine that accepts words like “abuse” or “autism” typed in or you can search using the filters supplied to find courses by topic like “person outcome measures” or “dental care”. When a course is chosen there is a button to enroll.

Q: If I fail the test can I take it again?
A: A passing score is 80% or better. If you get less than 80% you can go back through the material to review and retake the test an unlimited number of times. If you get a score between 80% and 100% your score is locked in and you can Not retake the test.

Q: If I take the test more than once, some of the questions are different and they are not in the same order. Why?
A: There is a test pool for each course, including the ones created by DIDD, which generate a random sample of test questions in a different order each time the test is taken.

Q: How do I print my transcript?
A: You will not have a transcript until you complete at least one course or event in the new Essential Learning system. After you complete a course or event you can use the My Learning tab and the Print Transcript button. Training Administrator Questions

Q: How do I print a learner’s transcript?
A: Use the Learner Management feature. There is a blue book icon next to the learner’s name that when clicked gives the option to print the transcript. Transcripts have course completions and events completed. After the historical CDS data is downloaded those completions will also show on the transcript if you type “external” in the search to get classroom events and CDS historical training data.

Q: Our agency is interested in a CARF certification, can any of the Essential Learning coursework be used to meet the requirements?
A: Yes, there is a crosswalk of courses offered by Essential Learning which can be used to meet the requirements. It is listed on the Essential Learning site and on the DIDD Internet Web site.

Q: Can a learner skip the course material and go straight to the test?
A: No, the material must be clicked through to access the test questions.

Q: Does the Essential Learning system send an email to learner when they are enrolled in a course by a supervisor at their agency?
A: No, email alerts are for course training coming due or past due if the learner has an email address in the system, but not on enrollment in a course. Email alerts can be generated for enrollment in a classroom event.

Q: Can a course be in more than one curriculum? If yes, will it have to be taken twice?
A: Yes, a course can be in more than one curricula, but it only has to be completed once. If one of the curricula is reoccurring, the second assignment will get a future due date.

Q: Is there a report I can run to see course completions?
A: Yes, there are reports on training that can be run for training due, or training completed and can be run for date ranges.

Q: Are there options I can use for enrollment due dates?
A: Yes, courses can be assigned by a specific due date on the calendar, or can be assigned by a certain number of days after the hire date, or be assigned to be tracked and reassigned every so many days like 365 for annual training and 730 for two year certifications.

Q: Can staff be assigned more than one job title?
A: Yes, multiple job titles can be used (eg. Sally can be a Home manager and Nurse RN) then job title is a report filter and can be used for enrollment.

Q: When running report or enrolling can I use more than one filter?
A: Yes, multiple filters can be used. (eg. Report on LPN and Clinical staff in West region by Hierarchy folder to get a sample of staff who meet those specifics).

Q: When trying to take the initial “Welcome to Elevate” lesson it says “the class will open in another window” but “there is no other window”.  Why won’t my course open in a new window? 
A: There is a compatibility issue. Click here to see how to fix your settings in Explorer 10.

Q:  How does annual training tie in with the required “Retraining Month” field in Relias?
A:  Retraining Month field is not tied in any way automatically to the actual due date of any training.  It is a report filter to assist you in managing the assignment of re-occurring training which you must assign to employees who are not new staff created in the system by you.  By running a report with the retraining month filter of a certain month, ex. “October” - you can see a list of employees who need annual training assigned in October so you can choose them and enroll into the desired curricula or course(s) with a single click and set a due date of say October 15 and set email alerts to be sent automatically by the system 30 days before the due date.   A due date of the 15th will give a cushion of 15 days before the actual end of the month. 

Q:  Why won’t my HIPAA and Title VI courses open?  There is an icon that looks like a padlock next to it.
A:  All new learners have a prerequisite course “Welcome to Relias” auto assigned as the first course to be taken in Relias.  When a learner completed that “Welcome to” class then the lock is released and all courses become available. 

Q:  Does my Relias training work if I use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the server instead of Explorer?
A:  Yes, The Relias learning system works very well on Chrome and Firefox.  In fact some of the functionality is better on those servers than on some versions of Internet Explorer.  You can always choose to run a class in HTML version to improve course performance or change your compatibility settings to improve functionality.