Medicaid Alternative Pathways to Independence (MAPs)

MAPs is a program designed to enable and empower people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities intended to introduce tools, concepts and services that can help prevent a learned dependence and place them on a pathway for individual success and achievement. The services in this program will help persons supported effectively identify community interests and resources by building their own Virtual Community Resource Map (VCRM), assist in establishing true and meaningful community networks and develop independent living skills through supports such as technology-enhanced and smart home living skills, community transportation, peer mentoring, and an array of employment services.  

Who is eligible for MAPs?

MAPs has funding to serve up to 1,250 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities either exiting the school system or who have recently exited and may be waiting for traditional waiver services.

What will the program provide?

The MAPs program will provide services that encourage sustainable independence and focus on:

  • Identifying people and places in their local communities that share like interests or align with their future goals
  • Learning to harness the power of accessible and affordable technologies to foster their own functional independence
  • How to navigate and travel independently in their community and how to build natural support networks
  • Independent living skills

Participants will receive an annual cap of $20,000 for up to 3 years while enrolled in the program.

When will enrollment begin?

Although the program still requires budget approval by the Tennessee General Assembly, DIDD and TennCare anticipate enrollment to begin in Fall 2022.

How will services be provided?

MAPs will consist of network providers of I/DD services who demonstrate a commitment to building pathways to independence for persons supported. Preferred providers will have accreditation or organizational qualifiers in Technology First (SHIFT Accreditation), Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), Employment 1st, and Person-Centered Organizations. 

Contact Information

Jason "Jay" Camperlino
Youth Transitions Director - MAPS