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About TEIS careers

Early intervention lays the foundation for infants and young children with disabilities and developmental delays so they can reach their fullest potential in school and in life. 

In Tennessee, early intervention is provided through a program called Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) under the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD). DIDD employs a team of early intervention professionals and contracts with a network of providers to provide support and services to families with children eligible for the program. 

With a career in early intervention, you can change the course of a child’s life by showing families how they can help their child learn and develop. You will provide guidance, empower families, and see the impact of your work every day.

Every child deserves a chance to succeed. Help thousands of babies and toddlers across Tennessee by being a part of this life changing program. Learn more about the opportunities available within Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) below.

Employment with the state on TN

Service Coordination

TEIS Service Coordinators are employed by the State of Tennessee and play a critical role in helping Tennessee children reach their optimal development.

TEIS Service Coordinators connect infants and young children with disabilities or developmental delays to the support and service they need. They work directly with families to arrange therapy and other services, help families find resources within their community, and support families to be advocates for their children. 

How to Apply—go to State Portal

Visit the State of TN job portal at https://stateoftn-careers.ttcportals.com/.

Enter Social Counselor 2 in the search bar. Then click “Find Jobs”.

Under Filter Your Results, click Business Unit and select DIDD.

Employment with TEIS Community Providers

The department contracts with Community Providers to provide therapy services to families. Therapy services include Developmental Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. 

Providers show families how they can help their children learn and develop throughout the day during their typical daily routines. Most services are provided in the home or natural environment. 

For education and licensing job requirements, please see the job posts. 

Providers maintain their own job posting sites.  Below is a provider listing by region and the counties they serve. 

Eligibility Evaluation Positions Available!

The department contracts with three Eligibility Evaluation
Agencies, one in each grand region of the state, to provide direct services to
children, families, and caregivers by conducting timely Battelle Developmental
Inventory-3 (BDI-3) evaluations, including hearing and vision screenings of children
in accordance with Part C IDEA and federal and state regulations. BDI-3 is an
assessment tool that measures all developmental areas for children birth
through 7 years and 11 months. It is used for eligibility, service planning and
intervention, progress monitoring, and program evaluation. 

Click the links on the right to see the positions available at each agency!


West: Therapy & Learning Center

Click here to apply to be a Developmental Evaluator at Therapy & Learning Center. Search Developmental Evaluator to see available positions.

Middle: Milestones

Click here to apply to be an Annual Evaluator or Eligibility Evaluator at Milestones. Under "Keywords", search evaluator to see all available evaluator positions.

East: Signal Centers

Click here to apply to be an Early Intervention Evaluator at Signal Centers. Scroll until you see positions for Early Intervention Evaluator. 

Provider Counties Served Job Listings

Provider Counties Served Job Listings
Provider Counties Served Job Listings