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Frequently Asked Questions For Reopening Visitation And Volunteer Services And Guidelines for Reopening At BCCX, MCCX, MLTC, and TCIX - Visitation will not be available for offenders housed in Unit 28 at BCCX - Visitation at these four sites is by appointment only.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 - Visitation Is Currently Suspended At All Prisons, except BCCX, MCCX, MLTC, and TCIX.
TDOC Inmates COVID-19 Testing

Tennessee Correction Academy Programs

Basic Training Programs

Pre-Service Programs

The Tennessee Correction Academy delivers Basic (or Pre-Service) for the following program:

Basic Correctional Officer Training (BCOT) - A six-week training program with the first two weeks being conducted on site at the hiring facility and the final four weeks at the Tennessee Correction Academy under the supervision and leadership of the drill instructor unit.

Basic Probation/Parole Officer Training (BPOT) - This program is a six-week training program. The TDOC has restructured the job requirements of this group of employees to allow them to be armed during the performance of their duties. The extended program allows for them to be adequately trained in the appropriate use of firearms and use of deadly force.

Basic Correctional Professionals Training - A two-week program that can accommodate medical staff, food service, administrative, maintenance, chaplains, mental health professionals and other support professionals.

In-Service Programs

All in-service training will be conducted on site at each facility or regionally, if available. The curriculum is prepared and approved by the academy and provided to the institutions for instruction. In-service training can also be accomplished by attending specialty training related to their field of work at local technical centers or at workshops.