Offender Phone Account

Important Reminder:

The Tennessee Department of Correction does not permit inbound telephone calls for offenders.  In the event of a family emergency, the facility chaplain should be contacted.  The chaplain may facilitate a phone call where necessary.

Navigating the offender telephone system:


Powered by GTL, ConnectNetwork is the primary platform for the offender telephone system, offering electronic payments and streamlined account management.

  • Efficiently create and manage accounts online.  
  • Most ConnectNetwork payments are instantly processed, with all transactions credited within two business days.
  • Upon account setup, access GTL’s comprehensive range of services tailored to the facility.

For more information and to get started, visit

Methods to Add Funds:

Funding the Account:

You can easily add funds using an online account.  For alternative funding options via phone or mail, click here.  Please note deposit transactions may come with associated fees.  The full terms will be detailed during the transaction.

Alternate Communication Services with CoreCivic facilities:

For CoreCivic facilities using  Inmate Calling Solutions, the following contact options are available:

Managing the Approved Telephone List for Offenders

Offenders may have up to ten telephone numbers (family, friends, etc.) on their approved telephone number list.  The offender phone system only permits calls to these registered numbers.

  • List Update:  Offenders must initiate any changes to their approved telephone number list through the unit team at their designated facility.
  • Number Removal:  While an offender can initiate removing a number from their approved telephone list, if you find yourself on an inmate’s approved telephone list and desire to be removed, submit a written request to the facility’s warden/superintendent.

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