Reentry Success Act of 2021

The Reentry Success Act of 2021 (Public Chapter 410) provides compensation to Tennessee counties who provide evidence-based programming for inmates housed in county jails.  Evidence-based programming is defined as a program shown by scientific research to effectively reduce recidivism rates and increase an offender’s likelihood of success following release from incarceration, including programs focused on education, vocational training, mental health, substance abuse rehabilitation, or building healthy relationships.

Resources regarding approved evidence-based programming can be accessed here:

Results First Clearinghouse Database

The Results First Clearinghouse Database is an online resource that brings together information on the effectiveness of social policy programs from nine national clearinghouses.  It applies color-coding to the clearinghouses’ distinct rating systems, creating a common language that enables users to quickly see where each program falls on a spectrum from negative impact to positive impact.  As such, this database can help users easily access and understand the evidence base for a variety of programs.