Reentry Services


To facilitate dynamic and continued change, break societal and systemic barriers, and empower returning citizens to successfully evoke the next chapter of their lives.

The Tennessee Department of Correction is committed to helping individuals succeed after incarceration by providing reentry services to support a successful transition.

What are reentry services?  Reentry services help to address the multifaceted challenges that individuals face during their transition from incarceration to the community.  TDOC’s Reentry Office guides formerly incarcerated men and women through some of those obstacles by helping them obtain state identification, vital records, job training and employment, Veterans benefits, transportation, housing, voting rights restoration, and local community resources.

Why is reentry important?  By creating a smooth transition from prison to community, reentry services enhance public safety and reduce recidivism, resulting in fewer crime victims.  The process begins by identifying an individual's risk to reoffend and their needs for success when they first enter TDOC custody.  On day one, a personalized treatment and programming plan is developed.  The assessment of an individuals’ risks and needs continues during their time in custody through their transition back into the community.

Our Services:

• Personal Document Assistance:  We assist with obtaining essential documents such as state identification and birth certificates.

• Employment Assistance:  We offer job readiness training, resume building, interview coaching, and connections to local employers willing to give individuals a second chance.

• Housing Support:  Finding stable housing is essential for successful reentry.  We assist with housing applications, transitional housing options, and connections to affordable housing resources.

• Education and Skill Building:  We offer individuals access to educational opportunities, from basic literacy and GED preparation to vocational training and college degree programs.

• Community Support:  We connect individuals with local community organizations that provide services to help them succeed.

• Veteran’s Benefits:  For Veterans, we ensure they are aware of and connected to the benefits and services available to them.

To learn more about TDOC Reentry Services, contact:

Victoria Ricci, Director of Reentry Services
Phone:  629-203-0151

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