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Reentry Programs and Services

What is Reentry?

Reentry begins at adjudication and includes the entire spectrum of rehabilitative services including medical, behavioral health and substance use treatment, education, vocational training, religious and volunteer services, correctional counseling, and employment services and assistance.

The Importance of Reentry

Reentry enhances public safety through a seamless system of care by identifying an individual's risks and needs upon entry into the justice system and develops a system of treatment and programming throughout their incarceration, transition, and reentry into the community.

Related Links

The Tennessee Department of Correction has issued a Request for Grant Proposal (RFGP) with the intent to award a contract.  The RFGP awards four $250,000 three-year grants to successful rural county sheriff or probation department reentry programs already in existence or counties wishing to establish such a program.  We are providing links to the Public Chapter No. 1051 and the Request For Grant Proposals for those who may be interested in applying.

The application deadline is Wednesday, January 2, 2019.  Review the Request for Grant Proposals for additional deadlines.

Public Chapter No. 1051

Request for Grant Proposals for County Reentry Programs Reducing Recidivism and Probation Revocations (RFGP #32901-31187

Request for Grant Proposals Amendment 1