Tennessee Reentry Collaborative (TREC)

The Tennessee Reentry Collaborative (TREC) team mission is "to provide a continuum of services for all offenders reentering society in order to reduce recidivism and promote public safety".

TREC was established in October 2004, after the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) re-established the Division of Rehabilitative Services. Leadership at the Department of Correction and the Board of Parole recognized the need to further assist offenders with successfully transitioning to their communities. They also realized that a collaborative approach involving multiple agencies of state and local government, faith-based organizations, and private service providers would be needed if we were to improve public safety by better preparing offenders for reentry. It was from this realization that TREC was established.

Parallel to the development of the state TREC organization came the development of local TREC collaborations across the state. Currently, nine TREC collaboratives are working together to supplement and coordinate reentry activities across Tennessee.

TREC is led by the TDOC Commissioner and staff from the Department of Correction and the Board of Parole. Staff from Rehabilitative Services provide resources, support, and guidance to the state TREC group and our local TREC partners. Many other state agencies are active participants including: Department of Safety & Homeland SecurityDepartment of Finance & Administration - Office of Criminal Justice ProgramsDepartment of Children's ServicesDepartment of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services, Department of Veterans ServicesTRICORDepartment of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentDepartment of Human ServicesDepartment of Education, and many more.

Local TREC collaboratives are typically comprised of representatives from police and sheriffs' departments, the courts, federal, city and county government, local TDOC Field Service offices, public and private treatment service providers, along with many faith-based groups. These local groups regularly within their local regions.  All local TREC groups will meet quarterly via tele-conference to share information with each other for the benefit of all.


West Tennessee - April Buckner @ 901-229-8024; april.buckner@tn.gov

Middle Tennessee - Shaundra Davis @ 615-587-5639; shaundra.d.davis@tn.gov

East Tennessee - Sara Hodges @ 423-353-0971; sara.hodges@tn.gov