Tennessee Correction Academy Specialty Training Programs

Special Training Programs

The Academy offers many specialized training programs designed to provide employees with the specific knowledge and skills required either by their position title or work place assignment. Some of these programs are:

  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Disciplinary Board Training
  • Electronic Restraint Device Training
  • New Supervisors Training
  • Train the Trainer Course
  • Train the Trainer for Adjunct Instructors Course
  • Transportation Officer School
  • Incident Command for Corrections
  • Chemical Agent Instructor Training
  • Hostage Negotiator Training
  • Institutional Field Officer Training

Basic Management and Succession Planning Training

The Academy is committed to the Department's vision of preparing our future leaders today and have incorporated specialty programs that are the foundation upon which to build more tiers of management and succession planning.

iLead (Individually Leading, Educating, Achieving & Developing) - In today's workforce, it is essential to lead where we are.  Individually leading, educating, achieving, and developing (iLEAD) ourselves is critical to accomplish personal goals and meet the needs of our difficult mission and vision.  iLEAD is a four-day workshop with a focus on line staff.  This program is open to employees with at least six months of service.  Acceptance into the program is through a recommendation at the request of directors, wardens, and supervisors.  iLEAD is a fast-paced in-person course that requires committed, dedicated participants.

Commanding Success Institute (CSI) - A two-week program designed to be the next phase in the standard of excellence in the leadership of our Department. Participants who choose to attend CSI will be instructed in cutting edge principles of leadership, motivation, team cohesion, and resource management. This program is available to corporal through captain and probation/parole officer 3 and above.

Executive Development Academy - A one-week program designed to be a second phase in the standard of excellence in the leadership of our department.  Participants are instructed in managerial and leadership principals geared towards developing superior leaders.  This program is available to wardens, district directors and correctional administrators.