Moss Island WMA

Site Directions: From Halls, Tennessee, take TN Highway 88 west about 14 miles to the intersection of TN Highway 181 (Great River Road). At this intersection, go north on TN Highway 181 about 3 miles.

Turn right on the first gravel road (at a 4-way intersection) on your right (there is a sign).

Follow this road into the management area.

Seasonality: year-round

Fees: none

Dyer County • 5,119 acres
Six miles south of Hwy. 20 on Mississippi River Levee, 23 miles west of Dyersburg
Josh Emerson (731) 285-6124

Dog training is closed. Hunters (except racoon, opossum, and turkey hunters) may not enter WMA prior to 2 hours before sunrise and be off WMA by one hour after sunset or legal hunting/shooting time.

Small Game - Same as Statewide Seasons - except small game hunting is closed during the big game gun hunt

Trapping -  Same as Statewide Season

Waterfowl, Raccoon, Opossum - Same as statewide seasons. Waterfowl, raccoon and opossum seasons are not closed during the big game hunts.

Deer - Open with statewide season dates but restricted to Archery Equipment Only - no hunting with muzzleloaders or guns for deer except in 7-day gun season listed below. Archery season is closed during the young sportsman gun hunts. Antlered deer must have nine (9) antler points or a minimum outside beam spread of twenty (20) inches. Archers must comply with legal blaze orange requirements during regular statewide Muzzleloader and Gun Season dates.

Deer (Gun) - One hunt: Dec. 16 - 22, 2023. One deer, antlered only. Antlered deer must have nine (9) antler points or a minimum outside beam spread of twenty (20) inches.

Deer (Gun - Young Sportsman) - Open with statewide seasons. No antler requirement on this hunt.

Deer (Gun - Young Sportsman) - Special hunt. Oct. 21 - 22, 2023. No antler requirement. Either sex.

Turkey - One non-quota hunt: April 13 - May 5, 2023. Bag limit one bearded turkey counts towards statewide bag limit.

Turkey (Young Sportsman) - Same as statewide season.

Quail - Nov. 4, 2023 - Jan. 15, 2024.

Waterfowl - Waterfowl hunting from temporary blinds only. No blinds, blind materials, boats, or decoys may be left overnight.

Site Description: The 3,400 acres of Moss Island WMA contain a great variety of habitats from mature forests to agricultural lands and reforestation.  Some open bodies of water and wetland areas are also present.

Access is by a primary all-weather gravel road and various secondary roads.  Roads are well maintained.

Access may be limited by the level of the Mississippi and Obion Rivers, which can flood over the roads. Do not attempt to drive through flood waters.

Wildlife to Watch: The variety of habitats present ensures that a wide variety of birds will be seen in the area. Over 187 species of birds have been recorded at Moss Island WMA.

Deer and turkey are common.  Loggerhead shrikes can be seen year-round. Short-eared owls may be seen in winter at dusk in the fields on the south side of the WMA just off the Great River Road.

Moss Island WMA has a high density of woodpeckers, including Hairy and Pileated Woodpeckers. Red-headed Woodpeckers are less common but found year-round in some locations. 

Contact Information

Region 1 Office:  731-423-5725
Phone: Toll-Free:  800-372-3928
E-mail the office
Area Manager:  Josh Emerson (731) 285-6124  

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