Site Directions:  southwest of Waynesboro, TN

Seasonality: Same as statewide hunting seasons

Fee: Applicable TWRA hunting license and WMA permit

Hickman County • 4,219 acres

Big Game, Small Game, and Trapping are the same as statewide seasons except as noted.

Quail - Nov. 4, 2023 - Jan. 15, 2024.

Site Description:  Beaverdam Creek Wildlife Management Area is owned by the TRG Threshold Timber Corporation and is managed by American Forrest Management. 

The property has more of a timber management focus than a wildlife management aspect since it is not owned by TWRA.  It is different stages of clear cuts and pines with some hardwoods in the hollows and along streams.   The TWRA leases this WMA for public hunting opportunities.  It is located west of Waynesboro, TN.

This 1,533-acre property has hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, and small game.  It is the same as statewide seasons and does not require a special permit from the landowner, only the applicable TWRA hunting licenses and WMA permit.

There is no camping at this WMA.

Wildlife to Watch:  Wild TurkeyWhite-tailed Deersquirrel, rabbit, and other game species use this area and often seen.

Contact Information

Region 2 Office: 615-781-6622
Toll-Free: 1-800-624-7406
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