Chuck Swan WMA

Directions and Description

Site Directions:  From Tazewell, Tennessee, follow Highway 33 south to Sharps Chapel Road.  Sharps Chapel Road is the second road on the right after the Cedar Grove BP store. Continue on Sharps Chapel Road for approximately 10 miles and the entrance to Chuck Swan State Forest and WMA is at the end of the county road.   Latitude: 36.3718°N Longitude: -83.8884°W

From Knoxville, Tennessee, follow Highway 33 north through Maynardville to Sharps Chapel Road. Sharps Chapel Road is the first road on the left after crossing Norris Lake. Continue on Sharps Chapel Road for approximately 10 miles.  The entrance to Chuck Swan State Forest and WMA is at the end of the county road.

The WMA is open year-round during daylight hours, note hunting seasons.  General access is free however, license fees may apply.   Shooting Range hours can be found on our range website.

TWRA Contact Information:  Region 4 office: 1-423-587-7037, Toll Free: 1-800-332-0900, Email the office, TWRA Area Manager: Dustin McCubbins 1-865-278-3248

Prior to 1934, the area now known as Chuck Swan was made up of small parcels and farms.  The land was acquired by the Tennessee Valley Authority in connection with the Norris Dam project.  Chuck Swan WMA, originally known as Central Peninsula and is still called that today by many users, was officially sold to the State of Tennessee by the United States of America, Tennessee Valley Authority for a sum of $6,498.00 in 1952.  Historical data shows Chuck Swan was being managed by TWRA (TN Fish and Game Commission) prior to 1952.  Deer stocking efforts were taking place at Chuck Swan WMA in 1937. 

These deer were eventually used as a major source for deer restoration efforts across the state until the end of the stocking program in 1985.  During that time, Chuck Swan WMA provided deer to 41 different counties in Tennessee.  Chuck Swan WMA has always been a destination for Tennessee sportsmen and that legacy continues today.  The area is also home to several cemeteries, a firing range, and miles of drivable roads.  Common woodland and grassland birds are present in season. Whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey are common across the entire WMA.

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Regulations & Dates

Closed to bear hunting.

Deer driving, loud noises, and harassment on all deer hunts is prohibited.

Entering the WMA from Norris Lake during the deer and turkey hunts is prohibited.

Guides are prohibited on all hunts.

Horses, ATVs, non-licensed passenger vehicles, and motorcycles are prohibited on Main Forest Road.  Main Forest Road is defined as the road beginning at the Big Game check station and ending at the intersection of the Back Valley, Forks of the River, and Big Loop roads.

ORV, horseback riding, bicycles, and all other vehicles are restricted to roads marked “open to vehicular traffic.”  A licensed vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is tagged, registered, and insured and is legal to operate on county, state, and federal highways.  According to TCA 70-9-105 “Riders under 18 shall at a minimum wear a helmet.”   The speed limit is 25 mph. Organized competition events for motorized/ non-motorized vehicles are prohibited.  A maximum noise limit of 86 dB for all motorized vehicles as measured at 50 feet from the exhaust.

Squirrel, Dove, Rabbit, and Waterfowl Hunting, and Trapping are the same as statewide seasons, except as noted.  

Waterfowl hunting - closed as posted.

Closed to hunting March 1 – the fourth Friday in August, except for Spring Turkey and Spring Squirrel hunting.

Small Game hunting will close at sunset the day before and during scheduled big game hunts unless otherwise specified.

Quail - Closed.

Beaver and Coyote may be taken on any hunt with weapon legal for that hunt. 

Groundhog, Fox and Skunk may be taken on any small game hunt with weapon legal for that hunt.

Bobcat may be taken on any scheduled big game or small game hunt that coincides with the statewide bobcat season with weapons legal for the scheduled hunt.

Raccoon - Seven 1-night hunts. Dec. 15 - Dec. 21, 2024. Hunters must check out by 1 a.m. One raccoon per person.

Coyote - June 2, 2024 - Aug. 10, 2024, and June 1, 2025 - Aug. 9, 2025. No Limit. Centerfire allowed. Call the WMA office for a free permit. 865-278-3248.

Deer - Archery - One hunt: Oct. 4-5, 2024. Hunter quota 400. One deer, antlered only. Deer counts toward the statewide bag.

Deer (Gun - Young Sportsman) - One hunt: Oct. 19-20, 2024. Hunter quota 200. One deer, either sex (Bonus deer).

Deer (Muzzleloader) - One hunt: Nov. 15-16, 2024. Hunter quota 650. One deer, antlered only. Deer counts toward the statewide bag.

Deer (Gun) - Two hunts: Dec. 6-7, 2024 and Dec. 13-14, 2024. Hunter quota 650. One deer, antlered only. Deer counts toward the statewide bag.

Turkey - Five hunts: (1) April 3-5, 2025 (2) April 10-12, 2025 (3) April 17-19, 2025 (4) April 24-26, 2025 (5) May 1-3, 2025. Hunter quota 150. One male turkey per hunt. Turkey counts towards the statewide bag limit. Hunting ends at noon each day. Hunter must sign in and out at the check station and be out by 1 p.m.

Trapping - Jan. 4 - Feb 28, 2025. No raccoons. Quota is one party per compartment. Trappers must apply at the WMA office. No snares or conibear traps. Trappers must report catching annually.

Dog training - Sept. 1, 2024 - March 15, 2025, daylight hours only.

Shooting Range is open Thursday and Friday from noon to sunset and Saturday and Sunday from sunrise to sunset. Closed during all big game quota hunts. No buckshot is allowed on the range. Permit required for range.   See Range Website.

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