Lake Halford

General Description

Lake Halford is the largest man-made small impoundment lake in West Tennessee with more than 22 miles of shoreline. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency began management of Lake Halford (formerly known as the Carroll County 1000-acre Recreational Lake) in 2022. The lake is open to fishing and recreational activities.

The agency held a public listening session in May 2022 to better understand community priorities for the lake and is maintaining the recreational activities that have been available at the lake since its creation. Lake Halford was also named a proposed location for a Bill Dance Signature Lake. With this designation, residents and visitors can expect to see additional fisheries management activities at the lake, such as fish attractor installation, as well as increased TWRA boating law enforcement presence. 


Largemouth Bass:  10 fish per day, 18-inch maximum size limit. Only two (2) fish longer than 18 inches may be harvested.  
Bluegill/Redear: 10 fish per day, no length limit
Crappie (all species): no creel no length limit 
Blue/Channel Catfish: 5 per day, 16 minimum length limit 

Jug fishing is prohibited on Lake Halford. 

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What you can catch

Fish Species Found

You can find Largemouth bass,  crappie,  bluegill, redear sunfish, & channel catfish at Lake Halford.

Fishing Tips:

  • Plastic worms worked slowly and are usually effective for bass when the water temperature is below 55 degrees.
  • When water temperatures warm to above 55 degrees, try small crayfish-colored Rat-L-Traps to fish in shallow water in the early mornings and late afternoons.
  • Fish deeper and around cover during the midday hours.

Contact Information

Region 1 Office: 731-423-5725
Toll-Free:  800-372-3928
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