Garrett Lake in Tennessee


Largemouth Bass: No creel or length limit and only one fish greater than 18 inches in length may be harvested per day.
Bluegill: no creel or length limit.
Redear: 20 per day, no length limit.
Crappie (all species): No creel or length limit.
Blue/Channel Catfish: 5 per day in combination, no length limit.

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What you can catch

Fish Species Found

You can find Largemouth bass, crappie,  bluegill, redear sunfish,  blue and channel catfish in Garrett lake.

Fishing Tips:

  • If a topwater bait doesn't work, try a spinner blade fished at a medium level or a plastic worm, crawfish or lizard fished on the bottom.
  • Since fish move from level to level depending on lake conditions, the time of day, and the time of year, catching fish is a matter of fishing the right bait at the right level.

Contact Information

Region 1 Office: 731-423-5725
Toll-Free:  800-372-3928
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