Brown's Creek Lake

General Description

Brown's Creek Lake is located in Henderson Country, Tennessee,  10 miles south of I-40 in Natchez Trace State Park.  You can take I-40 and look for exit 116. Follow State Road 114 south to Brown's Creek Lake Road.

The lake is 167 acres and includes a boat launching ramp, fish attractors, and fishing pier.  There are restrooms and picnic areas as well.  


Largemouth Bass: 10 per day, 18–25 inch PLR. Only one (1) fish longer than 25 inches may be harvested.
Bluegill/Redear: 10 per day, no length limit.
Crappie (all species): no creel or minimum length limit.
Blue/Channel Catfish: 5 per day in combination, no length limit.

TWRA Family Fishing Lakes License, Permit, and General Information

What you can catch

Fish Species

You can find Largemouth bass,  crappie,  bluegill,  redear sunfish,  blue & channel catfish

Fishing Tips

  • Spinners baits are excellent for bass fishing.
  • Spinners come in one and two-blade styles.
  • Fish single blades in deeper water and tandem blades in shallow water.
  • In dingy, murky water, use Colorado blades for more vibration in the water.
  • In lightly stained to clear water, use willow leaf blades for more reflection.
  • If the fish are not biting, try slowing your retrieve.


Contact Information

Region 1 Office: 731-423-5725
Toll-Free:  800-372-3928
E-mail the office

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