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  • AmeriCorps in Tennessee

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  • Volunteer Tennessee

    Governor’s Commission on Volunteerism and Service

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  • Tennessee Conference on Volunteerism and Service-Learning

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  • Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards

    Recognizing excellence in volunteerism

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  • Award of Excellence for Schools

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    Volunteer Tennessee

    The mission of Volunteer Tennessee is to encourage volunteerism and community service.

    Get the latest news on service in the state and updates on funding opportunities. Click here to sign up for the Volunteer Tennessee monthly newsletter.


    Hurricane Dorian

    To find information about donating or volunteering for Hurricane Dorian relief, please visit Volunteer Florida, Georgia Emergency Management Agency or South Carolina Emergency Management Division NOT collect or send donated items unless
    there is a specific request for those items from a responding agency.  In most cases, cash donations are the best and most effective way to help people impacted by disasters.  DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY to volunteer in the affected area.  You should only travel to volunteer as part of an officially deployed volunteer team.