Wildlife License Plate

Show Your Support For The TWRA With A Wildlife License Plate

TWRA's specialty license plates are available for $35.00 above the regular cost of registering a vehicle.  Money from the sale of these  specialty plates will be available to the TWRA to fund wildlife habitat protection and enhancement programs, provide public hunting and fishing access, support law enforcement efforts, and improve youth education projects.

Wild Turkey License Plate
Smallmouth License Plate
Bluebird License Plate
Bear License Plate

The wild turkey, black bear, Eastern Bluebird and the smallmouth bass license plates are available now  for you to purchase.

The original wildlife plate, the Eastern bluebird,  has become the most popular specialty license plate in Tennessee, proving that Tennesseans care about the wildlife surrounding them.

TWRA's newest license plate, the smallmouth bass, was created by renowned wildlife artist Al Agnew from a print titled "Sunlight on Bronze" and is now available at county clerk's offices throughout the state.

All plates in this category:

• are available to all Tennessee residents.
• require an annual fee of $61.50, $35 of that fee is allocated in part to the plate's beneficiary.
• can be personalized between three and five characters.