Fishing Event Enjoyed at Montgomery Bell State Park

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 | 09:01am

TWRA staffers were out in force on a cool spring Saturday for a Pond to Plate fishing event at the Montgomery Bell State Park’s Acorn Lake.

Staff hosted several different stations set up to educate anglers on different aspects of fishing and harvesting fish for the table. Young and older anglers alike were on hand for the event.

Instruction included setting up and how to use fishing tackle. After some fish were caught, there was a cleaning station to demonstrate how to clean a fish and after that, fish were cooked on location. Most anglers brought their own fishing gear, but some anglers borrowed fishing equipment from the Agency. A tent for registration welcomed anglers.

“We wanted everyone to have fun but at the same time we wanted to educate and give people all the knowledge we can so they can go out and enjoy fishing on their own,” said Outreach Assistant Chief Matt Clarey. “We wanted everyone from the avid angler, families with kids, those who have not fished in a few years or maybe have never fished before, to come out and enjoy a day at the lake.”

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