Take The Adventure Off Road

Monday, July 27, 2020 | 07:00am

This year the Conservation Raffle consists of 7 great prize packages that 7 winners will have a chance to choose from. The Off-Road Package promises to be an interesting choice for anyone wanting to get the work done and get away from it all on the weekends. 

From gravel roads to logging trails, the love of getting off-road and away from civilization has been around since that first Jeep rolled off the assembly line in the 1950s. This recreational activity has evolved over the years and so have the machines used to get off the beaten path. There are still those full-size, built-up trucks and 4x4s tackling the most extreme terrain, but the latest craze on the off-road market is the OHV or Off-Highway Vehicle.

OHVs first came on the scene in the late 1980s. All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) had been around, but the UTV was a different beast that drove more like a car and featured side-by-side seating for passengers. The Kawasaki Mule was a utility machine designed with a utility bed for transporting payloads to make work on the farm easier. It also gained popularity, among hunters, as a tool to move people and gear in and out of the backwoods.

Other manufacturers got into the game and the recreational demand gave rise to great innovation. Now a variety of OHV machines are available to the consumer. UTVs for work are still a mainstay. Hybrid machines that feature more travel for those who want to work and play are popular and then the Side by Side OHVs built solely for recreation will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

But where can you go? Off-road parks have popped up all over the landscape. Places like…

  • Windrock Park  SxS Rentals, Cabins, RV Sites, Camping, Yurts, General Store, Grill, Gas and Wash Station
  • Wooly's Off-Road Club Camping, Bath House, Open Saturday and Sunday
  • Adventure Off-Road Park Camping, Festivals and Events, Picnic Areas, Bathrooms
  • Ride Royal Blue Camping, RV Park, Lodging, Restaurant, General Store, ATV Wash Station

These all cater to the off-road enthusiast wanting to get away and challenge their off-road skills.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency manages the North Cumberland WMA and its multi-use riding opportunities. The area is open twenty-four hours a day and camping is allowed on the entire area. The OHV crew works to repair and maintain a system of OHV trails for scenic touring. The goal is to make the trails environmentally sound but also challenging and fun.

At least one occupant of a vehicle must possess a valid annual hunting license along with a WMA permit or a North Cumberland Special Use Permit is required. License and permits may be purchased locally at license agents or online. For more information or questions, contact Rusty Dunn: Rusty.dunn@tn.gov

If off-road adventure is what you are looking for or maybe you just want to get some work done on your property, then this year’s Conservation Raffle has a package that may fit your needs. The Off-Road Package features a 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000. This powerful UTV has a 2000-pound towing capacity paired with a 999cc twin-cylinder engine making it the perfect combination of work and play. You’ll also get the Honda Pioneer 1000 hard roof and an off-road LED light bar as well as an HJC full-face helmet for safety.

Tickets for the raffle are available at RAFFLE.TWRF.NET

Proceeds benefit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's habitat conservation initiatives. One ticket is 20 dollars, but you can purchase 3 for $50 or 10 for $100.