Host Organization Registration

Free Youth Fishing Event

Thank you for offering to host a 2023 Youth Fishing Event in Tennessee to encourage youth fishing and get families into the outdoors.

If you are planning to host a free youth fishing event for youth and families, and want it posted and mapped on the TWRA website, you are required to fill out the Free Youth Fishing Event Host Registration Form at least one (1) month prior to the event date.

If you are requesting any catfish from TWRA, you must submit the online form within two (2) months prior to the event date.

There is no guarantee that you will be approved to receive fish as supplies are limited.

For any questions, contact the Fisheries Division at 615-781-6575.

Thank you again for offering to host a youth fishing event! The kids and families thank you also!

Evaluation Form  (* Please Note: You are required to fill out the  Host Evaluation Form within one (1) month after the event date if you do receive any fish from TWRA.)