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TWRA Weekly Fishing Forecast

Center Hill

Forecast Contributor - Danny Stone – TWRA Creel Clerk

Reservoir Conditions: Fishing is good. The water temperature is 86 degrees and the lake is falling.

Bass: Lots of bass are being caught on soft plastics and jigs on drops in 15-20 feet of water.

Walleye: Lots of walleye are being caught while trolling nightcrawlers on flats in 20-25 feet of water.


Cherokee Lake

Forecast Contributor Hunter Sales

Cherokee Lake is much the same as last week. Drop shots and finesse worms fished 20-25 feet deep on scattered rock or brush are producing fish. The mid-lake section from German creek to Fall Creek is producing best.

A 1/10 oz Z-Man Finesse TRD in green pumpkin and various drop shots are working on the lower end of the lake for smallmouth. Fish these on light line. My preferred set up follows - 15 lb Seaguar Smackdown flash-green braid tied to an 8 lb Gold Label leader.

Night fishing is dominant currently. Black and blue jigs, Texas rigs, and night-time spinnerbaits are all producing. The 15-foot range seems to be more productive at night.

All of the equipment needed can be picked up at our local Bass Pro Shops in Kodak! Feel free to email me for more information



Forecast Contributor Hensley Powell - - Follow on Facebook

Hensley states things are starting to change up in the last week. “A lot of the fish are starting to bust up. I’m starting to see schooling bass following two-inch minnows in bait balls and that shouldn’t be happening yet, but it is. I’m still catch fish on ledges but there coming up in the jumps. Today we caught 60 fish with some on ledges in 24-25 feet and some on top water. If they were busting minnows, you could just throw about anything in there to catch them. They had the minnows pushed up and they were feeding like crazy on them. We’re not catching anything big but catching a lot of two and three pounders,” said Powell.



Forecast Contributor – Chris Harris – TWRA Creel Clerk

Reservoir Conditions: The lake elevation is at 682’. Water temps on the reservoir are in the mid to upper 80's depending on where you are on the reservoir. The heavy rain amounts have kept the water from warming up. Watch for fly hatches along the banks. Fish will target these fly hatches and allow anglers to have a great opportunity to catch several species of fish. Match the hatch for a fun time on the lake.

Crappie: Most crappie will be caught in deeper water around 12 feet. Look for structure like docks and bridges using jigs or minnows. Trolling with small crankbaits is another great technique.

Bass: Bass can be caught on deep structure, ledges, and humps on the main river channel and on the deeper creek channels. Bait will generally be deeper this time of year because of the rising water temps. Many anglers are still fishing ledges, drops off the river, and creek channels while others are sticking to points and rocky banks. Anglers have also reported catching bass using top water lures. You can be successful with any of these techniques.

White Bass/Striped Bass: Striped Bass can be caught in cooler water this time of year. The Hiwassee River above Charleston is a great place to find them searching for cooler water. Shad is the bait of choice for striped bass. Continue watching for white bass feeding on the surface of the water. Minnows or inline spinners are a great choice for targeting these fish.

Catfish: Catfish are still being targeted on the main river channel.

Bluegill: Don't forget about these fun-to-catch fish. Some bluegill can still be found on bed while others can be caught around rocky bluffs and drops in the 10'-15' range.

Walleye: The walleye bite seems to be slowing down. Anglers are doing better below Watts Bar dam when TVA is generating some flow.

Dale Hollow

Forecast Contributor - Danny Stone – TWRA Creel Clerk

Reservoir Conditions: Fishing is great. The water temperature is 85 degrees and the lake is falling. Smallmouth Bass: Several smallmouth are being caught at night on jigs in 20 feet of water on points.

Largemouth Bass: Lots of largemouth are being caught on soft plastics and sunken brush and drops in 15-20 feet of water. Walleye: Lots of walleye are being caught while trolling in the day and night with nightcrawlers on flats in 28 feet of water.


Douglas Lake

Forecast Contributor Brad Burkhart –

On average the most consistent bite that I have found is in the upper part of the lake. I’ve been catching most from Dandridge bridge to Taylor’s Bend. Believe it or not the Bass have started to move a tad shallow, the hotter it gets during the summer the more oxygen bass need to be comfortable….and in really hot water that can be found in the upper water column due to several factors like wind/wave action and also wakes from boats. So, with you will find schools in the mid 20’ range. I’m still relying on a drop shot to get bites and a Carolina rig will produce also. Now, with the hotter temps you’ll also notice that shad are rising to the surface and so will Bass so keep a big spook or whopper plopper tied on just in case.

The night bite is still good. Big Colorado blade spinner bait or 10” worm, and always a jig will suffice. Stick with basic colors y’all.

Good luck. God bless!!!

Brad Burkhart



Kentucky Lake

Forecast Contributor Tristan McCormick – Follow on Facebook

Kentucky lake it's the dog days of summer. Brush piles are still producing on big worms and jigs. Depth from 12-20 feet deep. The very backs of creeks where the cool water is coming in has been a great way to catch fish. Shallow fish flipping any piece of shallow wood you run across with a soft plastic or jig.



Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis - - Follow On Facebook

The bite remains the same and bass can be around grass lines and on the ledges; best result have been on Jigs with primary colors Green Tequila with green pumpkin trailers and Swim jigs around grass and the first primary river channel ledge areas.  Water temperatures range from 83 to 86 degrees.


Normandy Lake

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis - - Follow On Facebook

Top water action for bass early and late in the day, follow that with creature baits and finesse worms to find some good fish.  Target backs of pockets and first drop off the spawning flats for best results.  Don’t neglect a swim-jig.  Walleye can be caught trolling crankbaits or drifting minnows/crawler harnesses on flats and in the river.  Water temperatures range from 80 to 82 degrees.


Old Hickory

The pattern remains consistent on Old Hickory with fish still on the ledges and can be caught a number of ways but some of the best seem to be a shaky head, heavy wobble head jig, or on a drop-shot.  Another way to catch fish this time of year is by punching the bank grass with heavy tungsten weights.  The heaviness of the weight will depend on the thickness of the grass.  Best baits for this technique are any small creature lure like the Berkley Pit boss or Strike King Menace.


Percy Priest

Forecast Contributor Brian Carper - - Follow On Facebook

The last 7 days the bass fishing on Percy Priest Lake has been consistent. The water temperature today was 85 degrees in the scorching heat! Up lake is producing well with more than normal quality bites! Main lake points and humps have been the most productive with crankbaits, worms and 6" spoons. For more information check out



Pickwick also remains the same. The bite continues to be deep with schools of bass on the ledges. Much as the other parts of the river deep crankbaits and jigs are common baits for this bite and dropshots and shakeyheads for when the bite slows down. Most fish are being caught in 15 to 25 feet of water. Not all ledges are holding fish so you will have to work the electronics. The crappie bite has slowed for most while the catfish bite remains strong especially at night.


Tims Ford

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake DavisFollow on Facebook

Best results for Largemouth and Smallmouth remain early mornings from first light to mid-morning and from dust well into the nighttime hours.   Our fish this week came on Carolina Rigged D-Bombs, Tightline Jigs and Sped Craws. Top water and Swim Jigs action can be found early morning and late in the afternoon.  Night fishing is in full swing with jigs and spinnerbaits producing. Stripe and rock fish can be found off of points on the lower end of the lake with bucktail jigs, swimbaits, live bait and at night with top water lures.  Water temperatures range from 83 to 85 degrees. 


Watts Bar

Forecast Contributor – Joe Tallent

Not a lot has changed on Watts Bar over the last week except for much tougher fishing conditions. There are Still a few fish schooling on topwater around current breaks but much less activity from the lack of rain cooling off the surface temperature/ very hot days. Most offshore/deep schools of bass are very finicky from lots of fishing pressure. A few new May fly hatches this week in the mid lake area and are holding some healthy bass. Whether fishing the bank or deep structure soft plastics fished slow seem to be the most productive. Grass is still growing but coverage is much less. Spraying / late winter? Grass bite seems to be just as slow as everything else.  Nighttime fishing has been much more productive as always. The late summer lull has begun.


Woods Reservoir

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis – Follow On Facebook

Bass are in all depths; Best results are early morning topwater and Swim-jigs.  Then transitioning to Jigs with primary colors Green Tequila and Golden Flash with trailers and Swim-jigs around grass ledges and off-shore humps. Do not neglect a good old-fashioned Carolina Rig.  Crappie has slowed but can be found trolling drops and creek channels. Water temperatures range from 81 to 83 degrees.

NOTE - The TWRA wants to build a comprehensive report each week of the state’s lakes. If you do not see a report for your favorite lake and you are someone who can provide a report please contact us at and provide us with your contact information.