TWRA Weekly Fishing Forecast

NOTE - The TWRA wants to build a comprehensive report each week of the state’s lakes. If you do not see a report for your favorite lake and you are someone who can provide a report, please contact us at and provide us with your contact information. NOTE – Through the summer months many of the reports will be repeats as the conditions on many lakes will stabilize and the fishing will remain the same.

NOTE – Through the summer months many of the reports will be repeats as the conditions on many lakes will stabilize and the fishing will remain the same.

Cherokee Lake

Forecast Contributor - Hunter Sales


Cherokee Lake has been fishing great! Check out this week’s report before you hit the water. Make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on fishing reports in Visit Jefferson County, Tennessee!

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Forecast Contributor Hensley Powell - - Follow on Facebook

One day we caught 27. We’re still fishing ledges and caught a handful of four-to-five-pound fish. The next day they didn’t pull hardly any water. It was a lot tougher, but we still caught fish and a few nice fish, but we had work for them. One day we caught them on a ¾ ounce football head jig. The next day they weren’t biting good, and we ended up having to drop shot and basically finesse them into biting. There’s still a lot of schools out there and I found one that there were still 40-50 fish in it.

Cordell Hull

Forecast Contributor – Will Schibig, Region III Creel Clerk.


Reservoir Conditions- Water temperatures in the river channel average around 65 degrees. The creek channels average around 75 degrees. Flow has averaged 14,000 cfs this week. The lake elevation is 503 feet. The water clarity is starting to clear up, especially off the river channel. Watch for floating debris throughout the reservoir. There are lots of shad in the backs of pockets and creeks, although they’re still small in size.

Bass: Fishing has been good. Anglers are catching multiple fish in the 2 – 3 lb. range throughout the reservoir. The most popular pattern has been flipping jigs or soft plastics around shallow cover, especially near a channel. Anglers are giving offshore points and drop offs a lot of attention on the lower end of the reservoir. Grass is starting to top out on the upper end and is producing fish as well.

Catfish: Anglers are targeting catfish with limb lines and jug fishing with either live sunfish or chicken livers. Some fishermen are targeting deep holes on the river where there are log jams or other cover.

Sauger: Some sauger are being caught from Granville upstream. If you are targeting sauger or walleye, try fishing at night with jigs or jerk baits on the river. During the day, try trolling crankbaits near the deep banks.

Sunfish: Bluegills and other sunfish are being caught on shade lines on shallow banks in the creeks. A simple worm and bobber rig is working fine.

White bass: White bass are still being caught in the jumps while chasing shad. You can find them in the back of pockets or on river channel flats. Small crankbaits, inline spinners, or jigs should work.

Douglas Lake

Forecast Contributor Brad Burkhart –  Follow on Facebook

Hello all. Hope you all are doing good. Fishing has gotten tough during the day so with that I would suggest a night trip. As a younger man I was raised on Douglas Lake night fishing with fluorescent line and loved every minute of it. Most any main channel point will produce but I like to fish the humps and ledges that I fish during the day. The Dandridge area has a lot of these types of spots. I use my Lowrance electronics and typically find them holding in the same depths as daytime. 25-35’ is the zone. Carolina rig, 3/4 oz football jig are my go too. 

Good luck all and as always God Bless 

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Brad Burkhart


Kentucky Lake

Forecast Contributor Tristan McCormick – Follow on Facebook

Water temps are super high fishing has been best first thing in the morning. Top water fishing shallow points inside the creeks fish are up cruising chasing bait first thing in the mornings. You can go fish some brush piles when the sun comes up and get some bites on a big jig and worm. Happy fishing.


Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis - - Follow on Facebook

Bass can be found around grass lines and upriver; best result came on Tightline Swim Jigs with Driftwood Swimbaits and Jigs with primary colors Green Tequila with green pumpkin trailers and Swim jigs around grass and the first primary river channel ledge areas. Early morning or late evening is the best chance to put several good fish in the boat. Some have moved to the ledges. Water temperatures range from 85.6 to 88 degrees.  Some good action can be found just below the Nickajack Dam working live bait and spoons in the current…just wear your life vest.

Forecast Contributor – Josh Bean – TWRA Region III Creel Clerk


Reservoir conditions: Fishing is slow on Nickajack at the moment. Most fish are deep on humps and ledges, but some are now showing up around grass. The water temperature varies between 84.5 and 87 degrees. The lake elevation is 633 feet.

Bass: On the upper end of the reservoir, bass anglers have been focusing on current breaks near deep water (e.g., tributary mouths, pockets, and points on the downstream end of islands) with jigs, finesse lures, crankbaits, and swimbaits. On the lower end of the reservoir, most fish now are being caught deep on humps, roadbeds, and ledges with jigs, swimbaits, shaky heads, and drop shots. Some fish are now being caught punching and frogging the grass.

Catfish: Anglers can be successful targeting catfish reservoir wide using live or cut bait.

Normandy Lake

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis - - Follow on Facebook

Keep an eye on the habitat that TWRA and TN Bass Nation put out the last couple years… those stake beds are holding fish.  Try throwing top water early and switching up to Texas Rigs or Tightline Jigs as the sun comes up.  Flipping wood, the river channels with creature baits and finesse worms continued to produce this week.  We found several really nice bass using Carolina rigs at the end of points in 15 to 18 feet of water. Walleye can be caught trolling crankbaits or drifting minnows/crawler harnesses on flats and in the river.  I’m being told the Crappie slowed up, but you can still catch them around brush in the river in 15 to 18 foot of water.  Water temperatures range from 87 to 89 degrees.

Percy Priest

Forecast Contributor Brian Carper - - Follow On Facebook

The cooler temperatures have definitely allowed fishing to be more pleasant the last week! With the recent rains the upper end of the lake has been successful. Priest has had a lot of fresh run-off water coming down the East and West Fork. With the current moving throughout the channel, bait and bass have moved up onto flats in 1-3ft. Early mornings have been the best with shad pattern and chartreuse ploppers and 1/4oz chart/black rattle traps. If there is no bait present, move to another flat. As for the crappie, down lake has been the most productive when fishing brush pile in 18-22ft. Live bait fished 2-5ft off the bottom has been the ticket!

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Forecast Contributor Tyler Finley – Follow on Facebook

The fall bite is heating up with fish biting top. They will still be caught out deep as well on a jig and moving baits. These fish are spread out but biting as weights seem to be holding in the 18-23lb range. If you are looking to get out on the water start early with a topwater then back off on a ledge with a deep bait. Good luck!!

Tims Ford

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake DavisFollow on Facebook

It is turning out to be a long hot summer as the Dog Days have set in.  This past week we saw some nice 5 fish limits in the night tournaments with the Friday nighter toping the action with a 5 fish limit for 22 plus change sack.  We’ve caught some nice Bass and Hybrid Stripe on early morning guide trips.  Our main focus was along the shoreline points and channel bends.  We caught a several good fish spread out on secondary points and around brush piles after the sun got up. Best lures have been  Tightline Mussel Crawler jigs tipped with Twin Tail grubs targeting feeding fish around docks and laydowns.  Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, Ned rigs, Carolina Rigged creature baits, produced some good fish and topwater action is still good in the early morning and late evening.  Crappie and bluegill are still on deep water brush piles and treetops.  For Crappie the best results are with minnows and Bobby Garland crappie jigs.  Stripe and rock fish can be found off points, on river channel bends with bucktail jigs, swimbaits, and live bait.   The lake level of 887.88 and temperatures are 88.5 to 90 degrees with slightly cooler temperatures around the springs.  

Watts Bar

Forecast Contributor Captain Wallace SitzesFollow on Facebook


With schools of baitfish all over the surface up and down the river, it’s pretty easy to find some feeding fish right now if you have a boat. Even without a boat it isn't too hard to find bass, striper, or white bass this time of year just by looking across the surface of the water for fish busting, especially early morning and before sunset. 

I'm still finding largemouth, and smallmouth schooled up in big groups busting bait.  A lot of them are under 2 pounds but there are some bigger ones usually hanging under them or out in just a little deeper water. I haven't seen a lot of bass in the shallow weeds lately. Most of them are close to deep drop offs or above deep structure in the channel.  If you see baitfish on the surface above a good current break, there's a good chance there's some feeding fish in there. 

Catfish and striper fishing has been pretty good lately depending on water flow and weather.  I'm finding a lot of them stacked up around sharp river bends and behind big current breaks when the water is flowing good. I'm catching most of them on fresh cut shad, skipjack, or bluegill but live bluegill has also been working well. I usually fish 40 - 60' of water with just enough weight to let my bait slowly tumble across the bottom. 

Woods Reservoir

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis – Follow on Facebook

Bass, Catfish, Bluegill and Crappie all can be found along the channel swings with grass in 4 to 6 foot of water and around the humps. We found our better fish on the outside of grass lines using Tightline Mussel Crawler jigs tipped with Twin Tail grubs, Tightline Swim Jigs with Driftwood Swimbaits, soft plastics, spinnerbaits, and poppers.   A Carolina rig is always a good go to on Woods, I’ve had to lengthen the leader line to 40 to 45 inches and slow down…  Drifting/trolling with spider rigs for Crappie is picking up some nice slabs but you have to weed through the short fish. Water temperatures range from 88 to 90 degrees.