2017-2018 Full Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide

CWD Carcass Importation Restrictions

Attention Tennessee Hunters

Map of states with confirmed CWD

If you hunt out‐of‐state, please be aware of Tennessee’s carcass importation rule. This rule is in effect to protect the state from the unintentional introduction of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).
If you harvest a deer, elk or moose from a CWD positive area (highlighted below), it must be properly processed (see rule 1660-01-15-.02 below) before bringing it back into Tennessee. The carcasses of deer, elk or moose harvested outside of these highlighted areas may be imported without restrictions.



Entire State and Province Restrictions

(Restrictions are listed below.)

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Tennessee Law On Importation Of Wildlife Carcasses, Parts, And Products
(1) No person may import, transport, or possess in Tennessee a cervid carcass or carcass part from any area that has a known case of chronic wasting disease except as provided herein:
     (a) Meat that has bones removed.
     (b) Antlers, antlers attached to cleaned skull plates, or cleaned skulls (where no meat or tissues are attached to the skull.)
     (c) Cleaned teeth.
     (d) Finished taxidermy and antler products.
     (e) Hides and tanned products.