ADC Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take care of the problem myself?

Yes, if you are the landowner. 

TCA 70-4-115 Destruction and disposal of wildlife---Permit---Penalty.

     (a)  The owner of lands may destroy any wild animals, wild birds, or wild fowl when such wild animals, wild birds, or wild fowl are destroying property upon such lands.  Any person, before destroying any big game under the conditions provided for in this section, is required to obtain a permit for destroying such big game.  Such permit shall be issued by an officer of the wildlife resources agency.


NOTE:  If you are experiencing animal damage caused by a federally protected species, you must obtain a permit from USFWS prior to destroying such wildlife.


Can I relocate an animal I have trapped?

No.  Because of illness and disease, it is illegal to transport any live wildlife (TCA 70-4-401) and release said wildlife (TCA 70-4-412) without a permit.


If I trap a live wild animal, who can I call to relocate the animal?

You may contact any of the ADC permit holders.  This is NOT a free service.   TWRA recommends you contact several permit holders for estimates before hiring.


If I hire an ADC permit holder, are there any mandated charges set by the TWRA or USFWS?

No.  TWRA or USFWS does not regulate the business or practices.  In the case of bats, we do require that the operator obtain approval prior to any exclusion work.  Information we require consists of: species, number, and if any young are present.  This is a simple task of counting (estimate) the bats.  If you are charged for this count and if you feel that the cost of this action is high, please seek other estimates.

Once I hire an ADC operator, who do I contact if I am not satisfied with the work?

You may contact your local Better Business Bureau or the Consumer Affairs Division of the Tennessee Dept. of Commerce.  TWRA does not resolve disputes between ADC operators and their customers.


Once wildlife has been trapped, is there a time requirement to remove the animal from the trap?

Yes, ADC operators are mandated by law to check each trap within 36 hours.  Once the trap is checked, the 36 hour “time clock” begins.