Alan Levine

East Grand Division

Alan Levine is currently the Executive Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Ballad Health. With over 25 years of hospital operations experience, Alan has served as chief executive officer of hospitals and health systems ranging from a small rural hospital to one of the largest public systems in America. Prior to his role at Ballad Health, Alan was the president and chief executive officer of Mountain States Health Alliance. Alan has also served on Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s cabinet and has served as deputy chief of staff and senior health policy advisor to Florida governor Jeb Bush. He currently serves on the board of governors of the State University System of Florida and is the Chair of the Florida Higher Education Coordinating Council, a policy-setting body for public and private education in Florida. He received a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, a master’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in health sciences from the University of Florida.

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