Traffic Operations Division

James K. Polk Building, Suite 1800
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.253.1122

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the following operations: 

  • Manage Tennessee's roadway capacity through policy updates, deployment of new Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies, and clear guidance and leadership of Regional Traffic Management Centers (TMC), HELP Service Patrol Program, and Traffic Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) sections
    • The Traffic Operations Division publishes centralized guidance, vision, and policies for these programs for execution by Regional staff
  • Maintenance and preservation of ITS technologies
  • Manage statewide Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program
  • Establish TMC, TIM, & Traffic Engineering guidelines and procedures
  • Manage TDOT digital radio network infrastructure and hardware
  • Review and incorporate national best practices into TSMO guidance
  • Research, management, and deployment of ITS projects, manuals, standards, and policies
  • Support the development of both ITS Architectures and System Engineering Analysis
  • Motorist Information Systems management & support (Tennessee SmartWay, SmartZone, 511, etc.)
  • Coordinate with local agencies to support active traffic management
    • Support and maintain the statewide Yellow DOT program    
  • Manage traffic and congestion data