Traffic Operations Division

James K. Polk Building, Suite 1800
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.253.1122

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the following operations: 

  • Management of Traffic Management Center (TMC) & Traffic Incident Management (TIM) programs
  • Transportation system performance monitoring and reporting
  • Establishing TMC, TIM, & Traffic Engineering guidelines and procedures
  • Manage TDOT wireless radio network
  • Review of national best practices for Transportation Management & Operations (TSM&O)
  • Support the communication, coordination, and collaboration between Headquarters and Regional offices Research, management, and deployment of ITS projects
  • ITS Architectures and System Engineering Analysis
  • Provide Traffic Engineering legal support for TDOT/State Government (State Traffic Engineer)
  • Perform traffic engineering studies (including traffic simulation and analysis)
  • Prepare traffic signal, roadway lighting, and roadway signage designs 
  • Manage state Logo and Tourist Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) programs
  • Motorist Information Systems management & support (Tennessee SmartWay, 511, Twitter)